Let social media improve the audience of your Supermarket

Bountyhub can be easily integrated into the Supermarket area to increase conversion sales.

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Let social media improve the audience of your Supermarket

Campaigns for Supermarkets

Organize your community for the Supermarket sales

Take on customers in local area and draw attention to your sales

  1. Local area sales and presents
  2. Coupons and “2+1” sales in action
  3. Sales of related or similar products
  4. Sales of perishable natural products 
  5. Promotions inside the store using Internet technologies
Take on customers in local area and draw attention to your sales

Promotions and sales inside the store

  1. Coupons and sales with post sharing
  2. Discounts for product category with social activity in your shop
  3. Enlarge community by making social health posts in collaboration with fitness centers
  4. Anti-DDOS & high scalable with Cloudflare & AWS
  5. Easy to integrate into shop system platforms to count automatically
Promotions and sales inside the store

How does it affect sales

Campaign helps direct users to the right target
Seasonal forecasting
Utilizing historical data to optimize seasonal forecasting and improve sales.
Availability Optimization
Promotion sales are increased at an average of 10%.
Out-of-Stock Reduction
Alerting system provides awareness that drives improvement.
Optimizes Sales at Target
Analyzing test and control highlighted an increase in sales and started discussions…

Storymaker as a part of Bountyhub

Storymaker is a great social oriented software which allows you to make your brand popular during the social media advertisement.
Tourism Campaign
Tourism Campaign
Airlines and travel businesses are a natural fit for a StoryMaker campaign: simply let your customers post pictures of their last Easter or summer holiday on any social media and have them decorate their creations with custom made stickers!
Product Campaign
Product Campaign
You want to promote a product, e.g. sneakers, or a drink, using Instagram or Facebook? With StoryMaker you can transform your community into an army of micro-influencers. Cost-efficient and extremely effective.
Venue Campaign
Venue Campaign
You want to give your location the social media push it needs and get it more followers, likes and hashtag interactions? StoryMaker lets you promote your restaurant, hotel, business or club with organic social media growth.
Family and Sports Campaign
Family and Sports Campaign
Your skiing area, museum, zoo or amusement park would like to welcome even more guests? StoryMaker turns your visitors into recommenders and strengthens your social media presence.

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