Bountyhub as a platform for an E-Commerce

Thanks to the quick and easy integration of our platform, logistics, payment systems and services, you will be able to optimally position your brand in accordance with the target audience and industry.

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Bountyhub as a platform for an E-Commerce

Solution for E-Commerce

Save time and free up your company resources by replacing tedious manual work with easy optimization on the Bountyhub platform.

Optimize your efforts

Customize barter or discount campaigns with our fully automated and intuitive platform. Give influencers discounts or free products in exchange for posts and reviews on social networks.

Optimize your efforts

Pick your team of influencers

Allow smart algorithms to connect your marketing plans with the right influencers and help you eliminate fake ones. Easily track their performance, knowing that your choice will bring the expected results.

Pick your team of influencers

Features for E-Commerce Campaigns

Bountyhub offers a full range of E-Commerce capabilities - from buttons to pay in a couple of steps to an interested audience.
Simple payments
No reports
and spreadsheets
Full balance

First Bountyhub Marketing

Improve your impact on social networks, increase your reach and significantly reduce advertising costs. Use our platform as an intermediary - we will analyze the needs of your company and help you find the right influencers, launch your branding program and make sure it is successful.

First Bountyhub Marketing

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