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YouTube Video and Comments Campaign

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Authentic Comments for Attractive YouTube Videos

Especially for companies, YouTube is an important platform to present themselves in moving pictures and to reach a large target group quickly. Whether image video or explanatory film, a product presentation or expert tip, YouTube videos offer limitless possibilities to enthuse customers and prospects.

But what has to be considered? For your video to be successful and bring you the desired benefits, it must meet certain quality standards, i.e. be technically and content-wise well done, offer new information or other advantages. On the other hand, your video must become accessible to the masses at all, i.e. receives good rankings on YouTube. This is the only way it has the chance to spread quickly. Bountyhub will help you with this!

Authentic Comments for Attractive YouTube Videos

Enhance YouTube Videos and Rankings with Comments

Getting many Likes for your YouTube video is good, comments are even better. Why is that? YouTube "rates" the relevance of the uploaded videos based on reactions and interactions. If a video has many Likes, the YouTube algorithm classifies this video as more relevant than other videos that get no or only a few Likes and Views. The interaction is rated even higher, i.e. when a video receives many comments. Videos without comments, however, quickly fall behind in the rankings. So, if you want to help your posts grow and spread quickly, you should look at the interactions and encourage the community to participate in the video discussions. However, since hardly anyone likes to take the first step, it's recommended to buy comments, especially during the start phase or when it gets quieter. With Bountyhub this is especially easy and fast.

Enhance YouTube Videos and Rankings with Comments

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Our Services
Our Services
Providing of YouTube comments from high quality, active accounts
Can be booked as a one-time action or automated for regular comments
24/7 customer service
Origin of comments as needed from national and international sources, e.g. only German comments from German accounts
No comments generated by bots for more credibility

Your Benefits


More attention and interaction for your YouTube videos


Better rankings for more visibility

More Attention

More attention for your YouTube channel


Greater reach for your videos

Low prices

Low prices and flexible packages


Fast execution thanks to Bountyhub


Simple and safe procedure

Buying YouTube Comments - Our Tips

If you want to buy comments for your YouTube videos, you've come to the right place. Bountyhub provides you with high-quality comments from authentic sources, i.e. convincing YouTube accounts. You can also specify the text for the comments, which is much more believable than bots-generated, untrustworthy comments.
YouTube video comments from a respectable provider like Bountyhub - we are based in Germany and are proven, experienced and successful IT and marketing experts and software developers.
Pay attention to the origin of the comments - they should not be generated by bots, but by real, credible YouTube accounts.
The overall picture must look good: Likes/Views and Comments for your video should be balanced. If you have a lot of positive comments, but only very few Likes and Views, it seems unbelievable. At Bountyhub you can also buy Likes and Views for your video!
Choose a provider like Bountyhub that also offers personal customer service and is available to answer your questions.

Buy High-Quality YouTube Comments

Increase the ranking and thus the reach and spread of your YouTube videos with professional comments. You will enhance your post and your YouTube channel and get closer to your goals faster. As a reputable provider with German support, we ensure that your comments come from authentic sources and that interaction with your posts is promoted. Bountyhub offers all of this at a very attractive price, fast and reliable.

Buy High-Quality YouTube Comments

Offers and Prices

Buy YouTube Likes and Comments
Starter Package
10 USD best price
  • 1 000 YouTube
    High Retention Views
  • 50 YouTube Real Likes
  • 100 YouTube Real Reshares
  • 100 YouTube Real Favorites
Popular Package
50 USD best price
  • 10 000 YouTube
    High Retention Views
  • 100 YouTube Real Likes
  • 100 YouTube Real Reshares
  • 100 YouTube Real Favorites
Premium Package
150 USD best price
  • 50 000 YouTube
    High Retention Views
  • 500 YouTube Real Likes
  • 500 YouTube Real Reshares
  • 500 YouTube Real Favorites
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