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Buy YouTube Subscribers, buy views on YouTube, buy YouTube comments and buy likes on YouTube – why is it so important? 

If you want to become famous and then make money on it, you need to promote your channel on YouTube now. On this video hosting, the most prominent bloggers, streamers, and other stars of modern show business began their stellar journey. As you understand, popularity will not come by itself; you need to try hard for this. Many users sincerely believe that it is enough to shoot a high-quality video to get into YouTube Trends, which will immediately become popular on the Internet. Unfortunately for them, this may not be enough. Even charismatic bloggers often go unnoticed. To prevent this from happening, you should take advantage of the YouTube channel’s paid promotion from Bountyhub. 

As a result, a competent approach to SMM promotion will save a lot of your time, since in this case, you will not have to learn the basics of SMM, do a thorough analysis of competitors, practically live online to increase activity indicators – the Bountyhub platform will do this for you.

You can cheaply and quickly increase the number of likes, views, subscribers by purchasing YouTube channel promotion for a fee on our platform. Here you will not have to worry about the quality of services and the procedure’s safety for increasing them. A team of experienced SMM specialists for a small fee will carry out a set of actions to promote your channel, allowing you to adjust the organic growth of activity indicators further. Such a comprehensive cheap promotion of a YouTube channel will let you quickly get ahead in the competition for conquering trends.

Promote a YouTube channel for a fee and conquer TRENDS

YouTube Trending is a desirable target for all bloggers, as it is an excellent opportunity to grab the first pages of a famous video hosting site. After just a few hits like this, you will become popular. Let’s find out how to get there and bring your video to the TOP of YouTube SERPs.

The “Trending” section is updated daily with a limited number of videos. There is the following set of criteria to help you sort the appropriate video content, namely:

  • the relevance of the footage – the video should cover an event that is known around the world;
  • the subject of the video within the framework of the law – the video must not fall under the prohibited content;
  • the video should not be disorienting – the content should not mislead users of the social network.

To this list, you can safely add the following factors affecting the selection of video content for the Trend:

  • the number of views on YouTube can be quickly recruited in 50, 500, 10,000 on our reliable Bountyhub service. And polite online consultants will help you choose the best offer in terms of price and quality of services. With our TOP service, paid promotion of a YouTube channel will cost you a penny, and the result will exceed all your expectations;
  • the rate of the increasing popularity of the video;
  • traffic sources;
  • time elapsed since the video was published.

As you can see, there are many criteria for selecting a video in Trends, but the main thing is its relevance. It should also be borne in mind that the selection’s size is limited; that is, even if your video meets all of the above criteria, it does not guarantee 100% hitting the Trend. YouTube does not provide special privileges to individual channel owners. Places in the Trend are not sold. Therefore, you can get there only by legal means, which implies compliance with all the channel’s requirements in general and the video in particular.

Paid YouTube channel promotion 

Owners of YouTube channels do not turn to specialized services to immediately enter Trends with artificial growth. You must understand that this is unlikely. The value of paid YouTube channel promotion is quickly attracting users’ attention due to a large number of likes, views, subscribers. It has been proven in practice that before watching a video on YouTube, many users estimate in advance how many people are interested in it and how many users have decided to like it. If everything tripled them, then they will watch the video and react to it. In other words, the wider the audience, the more attractive the channel is for real users.

Almost all services can offer their clients to promote a YouTube channel for a fee by purchasing the following SMM services:

  • subscribers to the channel;
  • likes on a video;
  • views on a video.

Our Bountyhub platform has created for you several options for ready-made packages for a start, where you immediately receive all the necessary SMM services for promotion.

Also, its advantages include:

  • fast delivery of the selected services – you can evaluate the result of the work done almost immediately;
  • the ability to control the entire process – you choose the terms of the order: the number of services, its speed, quality, etc.;
  • low cost of promotion on YouTube – prices on our website are affordable for everyone, that is, for any income;
  • saving your time, which can be spent on more pleasant things – you will not have to pore over studying all channel promotion methods. You can safely entrust this to our specialists;
  • safety of the procedure – the long-term experience of our specialists allows us to guarantee an increase in activity indicators without the risk of getting penalties;
  • the possibility of the simultaneous use of other types of advertising.

We hope that all of the above advantages of our service have convinced you to use its services and place an order for the promotion of a YouTube channel right now. To do this, you need:

  • Choose the package you like.
  • Go to the shopping cart to make sure all the order criteria are correct.
  • Please read the contract and agree to its terms.
  • Indicate a link to the object that you want to promote and your contact email.
  • Pay for the order conveniently.
  • That’s all! Soon your order will be completed, and you can enjoy the result of competent promotion.

How to promote a YouTube channel yourself: 4 lifehacks

To speed up the process of promoting your YouTube channel, you need to pay attention to the following points: beautiful and correct profile design – everyone wants to stand out among other similar accounts. To do this, you need to correctly present your profile and video content published on the channel.

For this, the interface makes it possible to:

  • Set an avatar that will be shown in the list of subscriptions, search results when posting comments.
  • You can increase awareness by choosing a memorable image or a company logo, or a personal photo.
  • Cover design – create an original banner. The main thing is its combination with the subject of video content.
  • Generate and then optimize navigation playlists. With their help, you can group thematic videos.
  • This will make it easier for your viewers to navigate; moreover, this navigation stimulates viewing additional video material.
  • Create convenient sections – this way, it will be more attractive to distribute videos on the page.
  • Download a motivating trailer – with its help, it is necessary to present the channel’s topic and provoke a subscription.
  • Systematically filling your channel with exciting content. Self-promotion of the channel also consists of choosing the right tactics and strategy. You need to analyze the peak points – the optimal number of videos to maintain public interest. Practice shows that 2 videos per week will be enough. However, you should primarily focus on the topic of the channel. For example, bloggers with a personal video diary are much more likely to post new content. The primary advice in this matter is not the quantity but the quality of the material;
  • Posting the created video on forums, other social networks, and blogs is a great way to gain many new subscribers since users of any site like a genuinely original video, which is why they are happy to share it and subscribe to your recent publications;
  • Feedback – For a high level of activity metrics, you need to communicate with your audience to build trust and increase user engagement. Only through this can you get into Trends. For this, questionnaires are most often used – a question is asked in a video with a request to speak in the comments under the video. Or even simpler – gently ask to like or subscribe to the channel. According to statistics, this is how many likes, subscribers, views, and other things accumulate.

But it is still more competent and reasonable to combine independent promotion with the paid promotion of the YouTube channel, which is relatively low if we consider the price list of the Bountyhub platform. Suppose you still doubt whether it is possible to promote your channel for a fee and not get banned. In that case, there is always an opportunity to test the service to ensure its reliability and evaluate highly qualified specialists’ work.

How to promote a YouTube channel and gain subscribers

Everyone who has created a YouTube account wants to promote it; otherwise, there is no point in spending so much effort on creating videos. Everyone’s goals may be different. Someone is planning to monetize the channel and make money on advertising. Others use it to promote their services and want to gain the trust of their customers. Still, others seek to be heard and promote some ideas. And for some, it’s just a hobby. In any case, all these users need to know how to promote a channel on Youtube and gain subscribers.

We know many ways to do this. Choose any you like or use everything in combination for the most excellent result:

  • Make links for each video. This will attract audiences from Yandex and Google. Links can be added independently or purchased. Paid is usually much more efficient;
  • Register for any cheat service and start completing tasks for points. Having earned the required number of points, you can spend them on channel promotion. Tasks on such sites are elementary: subscription, likes, comment, etc .;
  • Search social media for mutual PR groups. In these publics, users post daily with offers to exchange subscriptions, likes, etc. You can respond to someone’s suggestion or post your own and wait for responses;
  • Create video responses to videos of other bloggers who have gained enough views;
  • At the beginning of the end of each video, encourage your audience to take action: like and subscribe to the channel. Many authors do this. You have probably repeatedly heard them say: “Like it if you liked the video, and subscribe not to miss new episodes”;
  • Make friends with other bloggers. Leave comments on their videos, like them. Some of them will reciprocate you, and with someone, you may be able to establish partnerships;
  • Post more content. Those authors who create a lot of videos regularly get subscribers and promote the channel much faster. But in the pursuit of quantity, don’t forget about the quality of your videos;
  • All these methods will help you promote your blog, but if you want to know how to promote a YouTube channel quickly, you will need financial investments, what the costs will depend on the method chosen. Advertising from popular bloggers can be expensive. The price depends on the promotion of the channel. However, with the help of package offers from Bountyhub, you can get subscribers and promote your channel without serious investment.

In any case, subscribers alone are not enough to promote a YouTube channel. The promotion is influenced by many other factors: views, the ratio of likes and dislikes, comments. Therefore, all of this should also be paid attention.

Buy YouTube channel promotion

Paid channel promotion will allow you to achieve the desired indicators quickly. With the current competition, it is not enough to be charismatic and exciting. You need to attract attention to your blog somehow, to declare yourself. To do this, you can post a link to your channel every day on various forums, social networks, mutual PR groups, etc. But such actions are ineffective since most users of such resources are not interested in following a link to someone’s channel.

Therefore, you have to promote yourself for money. This could be:

  • Advertising on popular YouTube channels;
  • Direct advertising via Google AdWords;
  • Cooperation with SMM specialists;
  • Cheat indicators on SMM services.

Of all the listed methods, the most budgetary one is wrapping. You can inexpensively buy YouTube channel promotion; the price will depend on the services chosen and the number of units. Let’s say you need to add 300 likes and 1000 views to a video. By increasing the activity indicators, you can bring the video to the TOP and attract new subscribers.

Buy YouTube channel promotion – Quick launch and guarantees

Promotion attracts users by its cheapness compared to other paid promotion methods and the speed of obtaining results. Catch up subscribers to the channel in a short time, add likes and instantly increase views – all this can be done on SMM sites. However, rapid progress can play a cruel joke if you approach it thoughtlessly. If you decide to buy the promotion of a YouTube channel, you should think about how to get the result as soon as possible and how to do it unnoticed by the video hosting algorithms. Many people complain about YouTube about strict policies and strikes with and without reason. Therefore, cheat according to the following rules:

  • The slower, the safer. You will get the result relatively quickly. On your own, you would have attracted 1000 subscribers for a very long time, but here you can gain them in less than a week. Therefore, take your time and distribute the wrapping over a more extended period. Let the service add no more than 200 units per day or less;
  • Refuse other paid promotion methods during the promotion. A spike in activity and audience growth may raise suspicion;
  • Keep track of the balance of indicators on the channel. The number of likes, views, and subscribers should be appropriate.

And one more tip: order a promotion only from reliable sites, such as the Bountyhub platform, and then you will not have to worry about the result.

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