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Buy YouTube likes – why is it important?

The video hosting is designed so that the comments with the most likes are broadcast above. Imagine if the most popular comment is about your channel (brand, product, service) with a link to the site. It will allow you to attract many targeted users on YouTube, and therefore increase the value of the channel for advertisers or increase sales.

Simply put, boosting likes on YouTube comments will help you quickly increase your channel’s rating. And a video with an impressive number of “thumbs up” automatically gets into the popular section of video hosting, where millions of YouTubers start watching it.

So, channel owners may need to boost likes on YouTube comments in the following cases:

  • for accelerated channel promotion;
  • to receive passive income from a promoted channel;
  • to promote goods, brand, advertising, and other things on video hosting;
  • to promote your videos on YouTube Trends;
  • to attract customers;
  • to disseminate important information on the Web;
  • to improve video statistics.

Now it’s worth moving on to reviewing the main ways to boost YouTube likes on comments. Some methods require financial investments, while others require a lot of time and certain knowledge in SMM.

So, you can get 100, 500, 1000, or more cherished endorsements for comments under the video in the following way:

  • “Barter” – a mutual exchange of activity, or rather likes for comments. You will need to find channels with similar topics and approximately the same audience size to do this. As practice shows, gaining likes on comments in this way will turn out to be from 50 pieces and above. Of course, it is unlikely that this counter can be significantly increased.
  • Outrageous comments – deliberately provocative statements under the video can create excitement, thereby gaining a sea of ​​likes. But for this, you need to “catch the wave” or competently play on others’ feelings.
  • Special software – everything is nowhere easier here: you buy a licensed program for a lot of money to boost YouTube likes, or you use a demo version, which is most often significantly reduced in terms of time of use or functionality. In this way, you can add a decent number of likes, but do not forget about the tremendous risks of virus infection.

Professional promotion of YouTube likes online on paid services – on such sites, the increase in the required activity indicator is done without your direct participation; that is, you do not need to complete a sea of ​​similar tasks and other things for this. It is very cheap to wind up YouTube likes on the Bountyhub platform, where retail and wholesale prices consist only of good offers: the best combination of cost and quality. Many channel owners will love the record low cost of promoting a YouTube channel. The simultaneous increase in 3 parameters of popularity increases the chance of getting into the Top Social Networks several times, which means making your channel mega-popular and in demand by advertisers.

And for those who want to try their luck and try to promote their resource on the social network on their own, Bountyhub has a lot of useful information that will come in handy in this difficult matter!

Website for boosting likes on YouTube

As mentioned above, specialized services are the safest and most effective way to boost YouTube activity metrics. Their bright representative at the moment, and also the favorite of search engines, is the global digital marketing platform Bountyhub.

You can find out how much it costs to make YouTube likes or grow inexpensive subscribers to YouTube of the best quality with a guarantee by going to the corresponding price list on Bountyhub.

For example, if you want to buy YouTube video views with a retention of up to 5 minutes and a guarantee for 30 days, go to wholesale services and select the appropriate item in the price list. Then click on the shopping cart icon to add the service to your cart. After that, you will be asked to return to the price list or go to the direct ordering process.

If you found what you were looking for in the price list, for example, cheap, high-quality YouTube likes with a safe feed rate, and are already ready to place an order, you need to do the following:

  • first, check the added item in the basket: the name of the service, its price, and quantity. If something is wrong, you can always click on the button in the lower right corner “Empty cart” to start shopping again;
    after checking all the parameters of the order, also click on the “Checkout” button;
  • in front of you will be the text of the public offer, at the end of which there is a button “I accept the agreement”, when you click it, you agree with all the conditions described in the agreement;
  • further, 3 blank lines will appear in a new window, 2 of which must be filled in: e-mail and URL of the link to the expandable object.
  • pay attention to the red warning above that you cannot provide a link to closed resources, and you should also not increase the indicators of empty channels, as this is very risky;
  • after providing all the necessary data, it remains to choose a payment method from the main or additional list.

After payment, the corresponding notification will be sent to the email indicated in the first line, after which the procedure for artificially increasing the selected activity indicator will begin.

Suppose you cannot independently choose which parameter to wind up. In that case, you can use the help of experienced online consultants Bountyhub or order a comprehensive promotion of a YouTube channel at once for money, but at a low price, which implies an increase in several activity indicators at once, which will have a beneficial effect to popularize your resource.

Likes on YouTube

It is strongly discouraged to increment counters on an empty channel. This is fraught with negative consequences. Please don’t risk it! To securely increase popularity parameters, it is reasonable to do the following:

  • Completely design your channel: come up with a catchy name, a unique description with several thematic tags and a link, make the appropriate settings.
  • Post several videos, for example, with useful tips or tricks, without any advertising.
  • Ask your friends to subscribe to your channel or start actively subscribing to potential viewers yourself to get feedback.

Be sure that your content does not fall under prohibited topics; otherwise, blocking cannot be avoided. No extremism, violence, or anything else.

Try not to spam in the first couple of months so as not to receive complaints from users. For this, too, is often banned on YouTube.

To artificially increase activity indicators, choose only reliable services with an excellent reputation to not fall for amateurs or swindlers. It is recommended to select a site on the top list of Yandex or Google. You don’t have to go far; the Bountyhub platform is at the top of the list, as it provides all the services of acceptable quality and reasonable prices.

To make the growth look natural, it is recommended to build up several counters at once. On Bountyhub, you have a great opportunity, together with likes, to very cheaply and quickly wind up YouTube video views with 5-minute retention and guarantee, as well as wind up YouTube subscribers of the best quality with a 30-day warranty. The main thing is not to rush: to increase the indicators in small batches and gradually.

It is possible and necessary to combine paid cheating of parameters with natural. But in no case should you not combine several paid methods of increasing activity indicators, as this will lead to a surge in activity with subsequent blocking.

By adhering to these tips, you can make the most of the promotion, which will speed up the channel’s popularization with its subsequent monetization!

Ultra-fast boost of likes on YouTube stream

Let’s start with what is a stream? This is nothing more than a YouTube live stream. You can broadcast your PC screen on the stream, comment on a video, or give answers to your fans’ questions. Many YouTubers have no idea how to stream appropriately and how to promote their YouTube channel with it. Therefore, it will be useful to disassemble the entire shooting process step by step.

So, those who think that streaming is the same as shooting YouTube videos are fundamentally wrong.

To create a YouTube live stream, you will need:

  • go to the section “Creative Studio” and turn on the broadcast. The problem is that YouTube only allows well-established channels to stream. Otherwise, access will be denied;
    confirm your YouTube account by entering the code received via SMS or when you call;
  • agree with all the terms of the proposed user agreement and go to the main broadcast menu;
  • choose the type of stream – “Special broadcast” and come up with an exciting name;
  • specify the frame rate in the “Video” tab and the appropriate resolution. It will not work to neglect this setting since YouTube may not accept the broadcast;
  • start streaming in OBS and go to Control Panel. If configured correctly, you will see the broadcast status;
  • at this stage, it is allowed to test the broadcast, followed by editing the image and sound. After a test run, you can go live by clicking Stream. You can also control what the viewer sees at the moment in the window below;
  • after the end of the broadcast, tap “Stop transmission” and start analyzing the stream statistics.

You can attract many targeted viewers through live streaming on YouTube. The primary advice is to give preference to topics that are well known to you so that viewers can see your interest and involvement. Answer questions from the audience often – make contact with them.

You can attract attention to your broadcasts by boosting likes on the YouTube stream. This always increases the loyalty and trust of the public.

Inexpensive to dial “thumbs up” on your live broadcasts around the clock is available on Bountyhub, where the entire growth procedure takes place in complete privacy!

Boost YouTube likes for money

YouTube video hosting does not encourage any artificial increase in indicators; therefore, it monitors all suspicious resource additions. If you need to get a lot of “Like” marks on a video, the following strategy should be followed:

  • It is better to buy 100-200 likes for videos so that the statistics do not reflect sharp jumps in indicators. This way, you can minimize the filter reaction.
  • The service must be reliable and have extensive experience with YouTube. For example, Vshgtenrgi has been promoting YouTube channels for over 3 years; this is a quality guarantee.
  • Keep in mind that all indicators should increase evenly, not just likes. Therefore, you also need to add or wind up YouTube comments, views, and subscribers.
  • Post videos regularly try to attract viewers yourself. You can use other platforms to spread information about your activities, ask your friends and acquaintances to watch, and leave likes.
  • Keep in mind that video hosting regularly conducts raids, after which write-offs become noticeable. Try to choose only high-quality performers so that the algorithms have nothing to complain about.

Quickly wind up YouTube likes

Many users use resource exchange exchanges to get likes. The work on such sites does not always bear fruit and justifies the expectations.

First, you will have to create a few additional profiles if you want to quickly earn local currency. But even using many accounts, you will not be able to avoid spam.

There is also a possibility that your data will be transferred to third parties. It may lead to the use of your profiles in fraudulent schemes.

You may also face the fact that the system gives you a limited number of tasks every day. If you plan to score 100 points in 1 day, then it is likely that only 5 tasks will be available for completion. Thus, the period for collecting points will stretch for an indefinite period. Of course, the site can offer you other ways to replenish your balance – buying local currency for real money. Then it may turn out that in this free process you will have to spend money.

Our service offers to wind up likes and exclude from its activities many unhelpful stages: many hours of action, the threat of identity theft, the spread of spam, etc. The main thing is that likes here can be purchased quickly and inexpensively.

Boost likes on YouTube videos without delays 

Many YouTubers face a problem when videos seem to get a lot of views but few likes. This is due to the user factor: people watch the video, and they like it, but they forget to like it or do not consider it necessary. Therefore, it is essential to remind subscribers of this. You can ask them to “put your thumbs up” if the video was helpful. Statistics show that such a reminder increases the user experience.

You can also add likes yourself by ordering the promotion of likes on YouTube videos on Bountyhub. Such likes will not differ in any way from those that your subscribers put. They will also create buzz around the video and help promote it. But YouTube bloggers “chase” likes for these very reasons. Yes, it is certainly nice to receive free feedback from your audience and understand that the efforts are not in vain. But considering the user factor, you shouldn’t be too upset about the low number of likes. And to show YouTube that your videos are attractive to the audience, you can cheat them.

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