Buy reviews on Google Play and buy installs on Google Play – why is it so important?

Bountyhub is a complete marketing ecosystem. Our customers are actively promoting at least 400 apps every day and fixing their products at the top of the Google Play Store search.

But we are more than a place where you can place your order. Our team analyzes customer accounts and promotion dynamics to suggest the best marketing tactics. If you are new to keyword research, description writing, and app promotion, please email us if you have any questions for a quote or help with your first order on

We share our experience with you. Follow our social networks or subscribe to our digest and master the best mobile promotion methods. We publish market analysis, algorithm updates, and real cases. If you want to know how to get to the top 3 for a competitive keyword, we tell you how we did it with graphs and data.

Main features of

Promotion management

Each client has a personal account. Use it to monitor every install and dollar you spend on promotion. Track your app’s current keyword rankings and plan future campaigns with drafts.

Promotion of new applications

Try to install Package ID if your application cannot be found for the keywords you want. With this type of promotion, you will soon be indexed for your desired keywords.

Personal support

Ask our support team to appoint a personal manager to manage your account, create promotion strategies, and keep your app in the TOP 3 of the Android search engine. This help is free and available to every Bountyhub user.

Why you need to promote apps in the Google Store

Universal campaigns for Android apps save you time setting up, optimizing, and managing your AdWords campaigns. They automatically optimize ads, bids, and budgets to maximize installs for a given target app install price.

These campaigns work across all Google networks to find customers who will be interested in your app. AdWords advertises the app with ads that offer interested users to install it exactly where they spend their time, on phones and tablets – on Google Play, Google Search, YouTube, as well as various apps and the Internet.

How to attract the most valuable mobile app users

Want to promote your app to users on Google Search, Google Play, Gmail, YouTube, and the Display Network? We will show you how to do this. App campaigns use Google machine learning technology to optimize bids and create and match ads. By analyzing hundreds of millions of signal combinations particularly where and how people interact with the ad), the system makes the best decision in each case, for example, which advertising materials are best used and which bid to choose for a particular ad.

What can you do?

1. Set up conversion tracking

Track app installs and activities (Android and iOS). Why is it important? Conversion data helps Google Ads identify patterns in your most valuable customers’ behavior and find more similar users. Select one of the following options to track events and resources in your application:

  • Google Analytics for Firebase
  • Third-Party Application Analytics
  • In-App Conversion Tracking and Remarketing API
  • Tracking app conversions with Google Play

2. Set up app campaigns based on your goals

Determine what type of users you need based on the current purpose of your application. Why is it important? Your business priorities change, and so does your customer profile.

Goal 1: build a user base for a new application

Goal 2: attract users who are inclined to take actions in the application

3. Upload objects to create ads in your app campaign

Add a variety of objects (text, video, graphics) to each app campaign to be used to create your ads. Why is it important? A wide range of materials will allow you to create ads suitable for a wide variety of placements.

  • Prepare individual lines of text of varying lengths (placements may have different character limits). Make sure there are no spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.
  • Upload videos vary in length (10 to 30 seconds) and aspect ratios (horizontal, vertical, square).
  • Add high-resolution images at the most popular sites on the Google Display Network.

4. Measure the effectiveness depending on the purpose

  • Focus on metrics that match your marketing goal.
  • Why is it important? Adjust your bid and budget based on the performance of your app campaign.
  • Set a date range that is at least equal to the conversion latency of your ads.
  • Make sure your app campaigns are delivering your CPC target over the time frame you choose to consider the latency of conversions.
  • Increase your target price and budget if you want more conversions. To increase your ROI, lower your target bid.
    5. Systematically adjust your app campaigns

Make carefully controlled changes to improve the performance of your app campaigns. Why is it important? The system needs information to find users that match your goals.

  • The more conversion data a system collects, the more efficiently it works. We recommend getting at least 100 conversions before changing your bid.
  • Change your bid by a small percentage to reduce daily fluctuations in the price per install. A rate change of less than 20% per day can provide more consistent results.
  • If you want to change the optimization goal (for example, from “Installs” to “In-app actions”) or choose a different action in the application, then it’s better to create a new campaign for apps. The audience for the current campaign may behave differently than the audience that matches your original goal.
  • See which properties are the most performing in the ad targets report and add more similar content. Your long-term goal is to add as many of the different types of assets as allowed in your app campaigns before removing any already there.

Don’t want to do it yourself? With the help of Bountyhub, you can quickly promote your application and make it popular. Manage your budget wisely! Find out the exact number of app downloads and reviews you’ve ordered. Work in your account and manage any number of campaigns. Use research and keyword analysis tools to optimize your app on Bountyhub.

Real installs and keyword reviews increase app downloads. You get maximum search visibility, and top keyword positions with our incentive installs. Buy batch ID and keyword campaign downloads to improve your search rankings in the Play Store.

How to buy an app install?

Bountyhub is a marketing ecosystem for Android apps. You can sign up for free and analyze keyword positions, create campaigns, and get help from expert app promotion experts.

Are keyword installations safe for my app?

Keyword installs are a safe and natural element of app marketing. You can order installation to climb the rankings and get more organic.

How to buy and count installs by keywords? Promotion is a universal tool for any promotional campaign. You can register for free to increase the number of app installs by increasing the rating. After registration, you can manage your campaigns and track their progress in your account on Bountyhub. We only charge for the installs you ordered, and you can double-check how many installs were delivered to your app by comparing statistics on our platform and Search Console.

How can I increase the number of app installs using your service?

Bountyhub promotes apps by keywords and our users who will install and use your app. After promotion, your application will be higher in the search than before. When your Android app reaches the first 5-10 positions in the search, more users will see it, click it, and download it for the word or phrase they were looking for.

How do higher ranks give more installs on Google Play?

A higher ranking means your app is ranked higher in the search for the keyword. For example, your Android app ranks 50th in the search for “car rentals” in the US. When you ASO and buy installations for it by a keyword, you, for example, get into the 5th position in the search. With the 5th position in Google Play search, you are more likely to get organic traffic from search.

How it works?

Despite countless hours and expert attention to detail, many companies are still not getting the acceptance level they hoped for. Instead of thousands of people flooding the app store to download an app, they get about a dozen.

An initial impression is an assumption that maybe the content isn’t as good as it should have been. Doubt starts to creep in, and suddenly we wonder if it wasn’t the right thing to create the application in the first place. However, convincing your inner doubts may be, we believe the opposite.

Building an app opens up a whole new channel through which you can interact with your current and potential customers. In this paradise, your targeted audience always has access to you with a straightforward click. Your application is an entirely customizable space for their needs. In most cases, the problem is not the application itself but an important step that is often overlooked after creating the application – promotion.

Your app has had a lot of time, and even though you’ve invested in it, the last thing you want to do as a business owner and as a creator is to throw it all away without promoting your app. Imagine a new restaurant opening on the street in your area. The restaurant opens its doors bright and early, not a soul. All he did for self-promotion was to put up a sign outside the door that said, “Come in!” Inside the restaurant, friendly staff, the most modern cooking equipment, and the most mouth-watering croissants you will ever taste.

The day passes, and the owner is confused. His restaurant was to be a tremendous success. He did extensive research to give his clients the best possible experience, but no one came. The day wore on, and by the time it closed, the restaurant only served about 20 customers. While enjoying a hot coffee cup, the homeowner goes over his business plan and is still trying to figure out what is missing.

It may already seem obvious to anyone reading this that a business owner would be better suited to marketing their restaurant. The posters were to be posted all over the city, followed by a press release after the big opening ceremony and an impressive social media campaign to let everyone know about the grand opening. However, as silly as it may seem to read this example, this is precisely the type of mistake that I see a lot of business owners make.

All of their resources are focused on creating exceptional products. What is inherently never wrong, products should be as cost-oriented as possible and quality. The problem is that these products’ value is not being promoted as effectively as it should be. Thus, all this hard work is never given the attention it deserves. A general rule of thumb is to spend about as much time promoting your product as creating it. If you’ve spent two days writing a blog post, then spend the next two days spreading the message to as many sources as possible.

The more you promote your content, the easier and faster this process becomes. We know that small businesses don’t have a large budget for marketing or promotional activities. Even those with money may find that they have only a few channels to promote their content. Our package deals can cover the need for any business to enable an application. Bountyhub is the optimal solution for promoting your application in the App Store.

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