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Buy reviews on Google Play – why is it important? 

Today it is becoming evident that if an application has many positive reviews on Google Play, then its rating in the store will be consistently high. Today, the promotion of mobile projects on Google Play is as much in demand as the promotion of Internet resources.

Buying a product like reviews on Google Play has become entirely commonplace because an increasing number of mobile project owners use this kind of service. The Bountyhub platform offers to buy Google Play reviews. For a reasonable price, customers get the opportunity to use a very effective method to improve the position of their mobile project in the TOP.

Why is Google Play reviews cheating so popular?

Currently, it is noted that users who visit the app store read reviews about them. They trust them. It is for this reason that we can assume that Google Play reviews play an essential role when you need to promote a mobile project to the TOP.

We offer to buy high-quality Google Play reviews. These reviews will not be written by robots but by real people. The company has a large user base who writes them. That is why cheating and buying reviews on Google Play using our ecosystem’s help will play a leading role in promoting your mobile project, and it will move up to high positions in the TOP.

The people who write reviews approach their work competently. They know exactly what to write about and what nuances should be described in each specific case. All reviews are unique. The company’s specialists select only the best of them for their clients.

When buying reviews on Google Play is required, you should turn your attention to the Bountyhub platform. Reviews provided by our users have the following features:

  • useful content for users
  • a high level of uniqueness
  • attractive cost
  • interesting content

If you need reviews for Google Play, then you should contact Bountyhub because the company’s specialists offer not only a large selection of opinions about this or that application. This method is suitable for those who want to attract as many potential customers as possible.

What are the benefits of buying comments on Google Play?

The Google Play service is quite famous and popular among Android OS users. He offers to download a vast number of necessary applications. A considerable number of users visit this resource every day to download various programs. That is why buying reviews for an application is considered an excellent opportunity to make your application quite popular, providing many downloads.

It is especially important to order reviews on Google Play for owners of new applications to make it more popular and attract new customers. Most users choose only programs that have been tested for download. Feedback from other users helps them determine the quality of the downloaded material. The popularity and number of downloads of your program depend on how well such reviews describe your creation’s full advantage. Therefore, if the review is negative, then hardly anyone will pay attention to the program.

For any application, the reviews and ratings that users leave and visible on the Google Play store’s product page are essential. As developers, they can tell you what people want from the application. What problems exist, your program is missing, reviews and ratings are a direct communication channel with your most valuable users. They can show other visitors to app stores that the project has a live audience, quality, and relevance.

At the same time, people tend (on the Internet in general and in the app store in particular) to broadcast their negative experience – according to the survey, after a bad experience, 57% of users will go and write a review about it, while after a good one, only 43% will. Therefore, you need to follow the reviews, ask for them correctly within the application, and, if necessary, sometimes buy.

How buying reviews affects installs

The better your ratings, the better the conversion from views to installs, the more users you acquire, the more you can sell. According to the study, with an assessment of 4.2, the conversion rate is 47.85%, and with 3.9 – already 36.56%. If your mobile application’s rating decreases by only 0.3%, you will lose 11 installations from every hundred views!

Buying reviews in the Play Market

Google Play is less loyal to purchased ratings and reviews, so we recommend using the restriction on reviews and buying them in small quantities.

Risks when buying reviews: is it possible to get banned

The Bountyhub platform uses only live users – real people who download and install your application. Their behavior is no different from the organic users you get from search, tops, paid ads, or PR campaigns.

Yes, Google Play is suspicious of buying reviews and may delete those that they think are motivated. However, we have left hundreds of reviews and ratings for our customers during the entire company’s work, and we did not have any problems with blocking applications.

However, it is essential to remember that it is best to start working with ratings and reviews from the application itself – to develop a policy and correctly ask live users to leave a rating inside the application (if you have difficulties with this, contact our experts). It will give you a stream of normal, lively responses.

Why is it profitable to buy Google Play reviews from Bountyhub:

  • You can choose the rating of your reviews (5, 4, 3 stars);
  • Opposing opinions are excluded;
  • Reviews are written from different IPs;
  • Reviews written in lively and straightforward language attract new visitors to the site;
  • All ideas written by Bountyhub users will be realistic, filled with specifics, and tied in meaning to the application and its subject matter.

Order reviews on Google Play

Today, more and more stores and companies create mobile applications for ease of use, attracting new customers, and satisfying their interests. In turn, customers are increasingly paying attention to the number of reviews left about applications on the Google Play market. If the application has many positive reviews, the client pays attention to it, downloads, and uses it more often. If the app rating is low, it is highly likely that the client will not even pay attention to it. Therefore, mobile applications’ promotion is as much in demand and essential as the promotion of Internet resources. To increase your app’s rating quickly and inexpensively, you can buy reviews on the Google Play market from Boyntyhub.

Buying a service such as reviews on Google Play has become an utterly conventional method of increasing mobile applications’ rating and bringing them to the TOP, which is used by an increasing number of mobile projects owners. Our company offers to buy high-quality Google Play reviews at an attractive price. Google Play reviews play an essential role when you need to promote a mobile project to the TOP.

We offer cheating reviews on Google Play without any risks. Our reviews come from real people, not robots. Testimonials are prepared by our users and must be agreed with you before publication. All the nuances that you tell us will be taken into account in the texts. It is also essential to know that all texts will be unique, which is very important. That is why cheating and buying reviews with our help will be a suitable method in promoting your mobile project, and it will move in the TOP to high positions.

What do reviews on Google Play give:

  • Attracting more new customers
  • The ability to keep in touch with customers by responding to reviews will increase people’s confidence in the company.
  • Increase reputation and trust in your application and company

How are reviews and ratings displayed on Google Play?

The method for displaying the average score is the same – it is highlighted in large print, occupies positions from the left edge. A breakdown by percentage follows it.

Ratings vary in color from green to red on Google Play.

Reviews are posted below ratings. But when promoting an application, it is vital to consider the difference in their display. Google Play immediately displays four popular responses, the number of likes for them, and the developer’s reaction.

The game page additionally shows:

  • average gameplay score;
  • quality of graphics;
  • Ease of use.

If there are many reviews, Google Play groups them by keywords and then displays the Review Highlights block results. But at the moment this result can only be seen in English.

A high rating is half the battle; reviews determine app value
You might be under the impression that the number of stars is the only significant metric for assessing an application’s performance. However, it is not. Many users pay attention to reviews because they bring specifics.

4 stars may indicate that the program is suitable for all users. And a specific response narrows this characteristic. Use the Developer Console website or the Play Console app to view and respond to reviews.

What to do with negative reviews already on Google Play?

1. Leave a complaint in the service

Spam, purchased, or negative reviews with foul language are blocked twice a month. Remember, it is strictly forbidden to delete reviews on the application page yourself. Developers should understand the essence of the complaint, try to fix all problems. As a result, conversion installs will increase.

2. Answer the question or complaint

Communicate to consumers that bug fixes are underway. Better yet, if you write precisely when the errors will be eliminated or how the user can solve his problem now. After seeing the developers’ response, the user can correct the rating or write a reply, but already a positive comment. As a result, the average score of the application will increase. It will generate trust and loyalty from both old and new users. Also, thanks to reviews, you can learn about the shortcomings and strengths of the product. Feedback from users will allow you to improve the application in the right direction continually.

3. Technically displace negativity from the visible part of reviews

Neutral and positive feedback will help you quickly neutralize negativity. To compensate for the impact of one negative feedback, you will need at least 10 high-quality positive reviews. One of the ways to get these is motivated downloads with the condition of publishing a review.

How do I respond to reviews on Google Play?

  • Give an adequate answer that fully answers the essence of the claim.
  • Startup positive communication.
  • Build your interactions concisely and consistently.
  • Answer questions promptly; it disposes to the developer since the client feels significant.
  • React first to low-rated responses, hardware complaints.
  • Follow the rules: do not offer bonuses or discounts in exchange; do not post email addresses, links, and promotional codes; do not use profanity, do not threaten.

 Determine your audience engagement strategy

1. Respond immediately to all incoming reviews

If possible, be sure to do it. Feedback will allow you to establish communication with users. It is especially important when you are just starting up. Try to help consumers right away – they ask questions, you answer. Otherwise, your customers may go to competitors.

2. Respond only to popular reviews

Featured reviews are displayed on pages on Google Play. Each region reflects reviews in the respective language, so it is important to individually work out responses for each country. And be careful not to get negative feedback in this section. The impact of featured reviews is noticeable when a user selects among several, especially paid apps.

3. React exclusively to negative comments

The mechanism of such a strategy is simple – the more reactions to negative responses are received, the higher the average rating.

4. Make responses automated

It is useful to have a support team or a dedicated team that will disassemble and responds quickly.

The strategy is suitable in cases where users write a review to ask a clarifying question, for example, about the operation of the application or website, possible promotions, discounts, are interested in how to buy a subscription or what is included in it, etc.

Usually, to attract developers’ attention and quickly solve their problem, users intentionally give low scores. Therefore, it is essential to answer such “urgent” questions, as otherwise, you could lose a potential client.

How to buy reviews on Google Play correctly

The main rule is to do motivated reviews as similar to real ones as possible. They should not be of the same type, not very informative, or contain curses; otherwise, such content will be blocked.

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