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Collecting large databases of video data is a process that can significantly impact the rate at which artificial intelligence learns. The fact is that collecting such a data package using internal resources can take a long time and cause massive and irrational budget funds. We offer you a more straightforward and, equally important, an effective way to solve this problem: use the services of Bountyhub as an expert in collecting and processing video data for AI training.

Artificial intelligence, working with large arrays of video information, must fully distinguish details, such as video artifacts, individuals’ emotions, facial expressions, and non-verbal ways of transmitting information (gestures, postures). For AI algorithms created for business to fully function, it is necessary to form a data package that will be able to complete the task. To do this, we propose to use our users’ resource: thanks to the developed community, we can create a complete database for the recognition and training of AI in the field of video data processing.

Bountyhub offers you not only ready-made video database packages but also the creation of individual databases, formed taking into account all your requirements. Our extensive user base allows you to load the maximum number of all kinds of human behavior variations into high-resolution video files. It is needful to train AI in all the algorithms you need to fully develop your business and increase your income. We also create accompanying technical documentation to better control the learning outcomes of AI and further functioning.

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