Buy reviews from App Store and buy installs from App Store – why is it so important? 

Why promote iOS apps at all. If you want to profit from your application or game, what do you need? That’s right, placement in the App Store, getting good ratings and positions in the TOP, installation by organic users, and use by the target audience. It applies to both paid and free apps.

The promotion procedure itself is rather complicated. Almost all developers face this fact. Until your product is in the TOP, it will be difficult for you to get the much-desired users, start earning and recoup its creation. Therefore, let’s look at what methods the Bountyhub platform can provide to promote applications in the App Store.

The App Store currently has over 1.2 million apps. Even if users know precisely what they are looking for, finding a specific application can be difficult. Nothing is more frustrating than creating something like a cool iPhone RSS reader that ends up buried on the fourth page of search results for “RSS Readers.”

The Apple App Store algorithm works differently from Google. It turns out it’s not so much an algorithm as it is a user. Relevance is determined by downloads and keywords, which are utterly dependent on those using the ecosystem.

However, despite the App Store’s peculiarities, many tips and tricks can help you rank up your app and ultimately increase your downloads.

App Store motivated installs

This option is considered a universal withdrawal method, which almost always works. It is efficient and fast. The promotion principle is as follows: a real user downloads the application via a direct link or through the search queries (keywords) specified by you and uses it for a particular time. For this, it receives a reward. These actions “push” your product to the TOP category and by search queries (keywords), collecting a large amount of organic traffic, a pure target audience during the campaign, and upon reaching the TOP.

The main advantage of such promotion of mobile applications is that the App Store assigns you a high rating in the shortest possible time, comprehensively encourages your project by placing it in Trending Searches and various collections, for example – “TOP New”, “Gaining popularity” and so on. An adequately organized campaign using motivated traffic on Bountyhub pays off very quickly.

Review of popular resources

Such iOS promotion refers to unmotivated traffic and involves the publication of information (with an advertising bias) on social networks, blogs, video reviews, etc. As a result, you will receive good quality organic traffic for a certain period. But don’t be under the illusion of huge volumes and a large percentage of conversions to engaged users. Most likely, there will not be enough traffic for serious takeoff.

Cross-promotion launch on the App Store

The method is applicable if you already have a ready and working application. Send push notifications to your target audience. If the audience coverage is extensive, then such iOS promotion will be quite useful. If not, you will need to get positions by other methods.

Advantageous place in the selection of the popular project “Application of the Day” in the App Store

Of course, this is paid. But this promotion of iOS games brings results. Sometimes this method brings good results because visitors see your game or application, get acquainted with it, download, and use it. But without buying reviews and downloads (installations), this solution will not bring the desired result.

What could be better than these actions? That’s right, just a combination of them. And the result is worth it – the program is brought to the TOP with lightning speed.

What factors influence the ranking of apps in the App Store?

The following components affect the promotion of the game:

  • total number of installations;
  • their dynamics (a number for the last few hours and days);
  • rating and ratings;
  • comments and their number;
  • the number of deletions (their dynamics);
  • the number of repeated launches of the application.

Now, knowing the factors influencing the ranking, you will be able to influence them. A further set of actions is called App Store Optimization or ASO. Before starting which you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the market.

What to keep in mind when promoting in App Store?

  • The concept of “TOP” is rather vague. Its length is determined by the width of the screen of a particular device. For example, a smartphone with a 3.5-inch screen will display two applications. 10.1-inch iPad has 10 apps. When searching for games and applications, the user scrolls 4-5 screens on average.
  • App Store displays in the leading positions specific applications for residents of certain regions or countries.
  • Combine motivated and unmotivated attitudes – and you can get good results.
  • Use tracking services to ensure the quality of traffic (that real users with real devices perform all installations). The absence of bots and emulators is essential. Launching the application after installing it and observing the principle of uniqueness are required parameters.

Still in doubt whether promoting iOS apps in the App Store is effective? In vain! In fact, without this method, most good apps and games would never have gained popularity!

How many installations will it take to promote apps in the App Store?

Consider data from several sources. Some developers claim that it is necessary to collect 6.5 thousand downloads per day to get into the TOP-25 Overall. Others believe that at least 10-15 thousand installations are needed on iPhone and iPad. As we can see, there is no stable figure. It depends on the category where the application is hosted, its success and attractiveness, subject matter and specifics, the country in which the promotion of iOS applications is required.

The Bountyhub platform is ready to provide you with motivated installs (only from real users) to apply to the App Store’s TOP. You will receive a prompt and high-quality promotion with a 100% guaranteed result by ordering our services!

Introduction to Mobile App Promotion

If you are an application developer, this information will be especially useful to you. App creation is just the beginning of your long journey to the top of the market. To reach early adopters, you need to develop a long-term marketing strategy. And then you ask who and how will promote your application.

Before placing your application in stores, you should think about where your project and business will be in 6, 12, or 24 months. You need to have a clear vision of your product for it to be a huge success.

While each mobile ad campaign has different goals and conditions, there are still some general optimization approaches. The most important aspects of promotion are other advertising channels.

An awareness of your target users should accompany application promotion. You need to find out which applications attract users the most, whether they can solve user problems or satisfy their needs, and what value your application will bring to their lives.

When it comes to promoting iOS apps, it’s better to trust the experts than to do some random actions. It is always best to double-check all factors before launching an application. You must be sure that the application will be in demand; otherwise, it will be challenging to change the situation after a big failure better.

App promotion is a struggle for the life of your app. The average number of applications used by one person during the day is 9-12. And if you want your application to be among these applications, your promotion strategy must be thought out. Bountyhub will help you with this.

Key benefits of app promotion

App developers and marketers choose app promotion sites to grow their business. This step is the key to the success of their application. Without a doubt, App Store marketing has several business benefits:

  • The promotion of iPhone applications helps to raise the rating of your application in the AppStore.
  • As a developer, you and your application as a product quickly gain the trust of users.
  • Buying service packages for apps helps to increase the number of downloads significantly.

As a result, all of the above contribute to increasing your income from the developed application.

App promotion includes several aspects, from increasing the number of app downloads to optimizing the app. App downloads help increase traffic to your app. You should know that most apps are rated by downloads. When your app has more than 10,000 downloads, it is considered useful and practical (according to some research). So, promoting an application means increasing the number of downloads, which means increasing the rating of your application and you as a developer.

How to promote apps with Bountyhub?

It is effortless to promote an iOS app using our services. Navigating our website and ordering services is very simple; you just select the service you want and click on it. It only takes a couple of minutes. After completing the procedure on our website, you will be able to take advantage of the first benefits of a full package of promotion services.

We know exactly how to increase the number of downloads of your application and, at the same time, increase your income. Bountyhub also knows that ignoring the need to promote your app can be fatal to your business. Investing in your business and your application means bringing it to the first positions in search engines.

We know how to increase the traffic to your application, the number of regular users, the number of downloads, and how to improve your income. If this is your ultimate goal, we are at your disposal 24/7!

What steps do you need to take to become popular on the App Store?

Getting into the ranking is not an easy task. But it is well worth your time and effort. First, let’s remember that Apple is not only a technology company but also a brand. They love the style, and that love is conveyed to their content. For your app to be listed on the Apple App Store, it must have the following characteristics:

Design a sleek user interface (UI) and an intuitive user experience (UX)

Nothing is surprising here. An elegant user interface is essential for Apple to make your app stand out. They don’t give app design awards. Apple knows that good UX / UI can be critical when it comes to mobile devices.

Mobile users have used better apps. If your application is performing well but looks like it was created in 2010, you will need to rethink your strategy.

Mobility means limited space. Thus, every aspect of your application’s design should be focused and designed beautifully and intuitively. Users shouldn’t get confused when opening your app. The functions should be natural.

The best way to find out if your application is user-friendly is to ask your users. Gather a group of testers that fit your target audience and ask them to complete some tasks in your application. You can also invite them to share their opinions, good and bad, out loud while browsing your app. Then you will know exactly which points in your application are confusing and which are well laid out. 

Use Apple API and update your app regularly

Apple loves it when you use their products. They also like to showcase great products built using their technology. It is good news for iOS developers. You should always develop your iOS apps using the latest Swift and Apple API integration.

iOS app designers don’t need to come up with a new design. Xcode comes with built-in iOS buttons like bottom nav, back buttons, etc.

Also, the app needs to be updated regularly. Regular updates show that you value the opinion of Apple and your users. Keep fixing bugs and introducing new features. Remember, Apple editors curate the App Store to bring the best of App Store visitors the best. They are not going to release apps that haven’t been updated for months.

Add and optimize app localizations

In how many countries is your app available? The bigger, the better. Apple will not submit your app if it can only be installed in a few countries. It doesn’t do much for them, given that they have a worldwide audience.

But don’t add localizations without meaning. Each localization needs to be optimized. All keywords and descriptions must be translated into the native language of the country.

Many localizations take a very long time to optimize. Management of 10 localizations can take over 10 hours. To save time and focus your efforts on other app growth strategies, use an ASO tool like App Radar. Free App Radar ASO Tool allows you to add, manage, and optimize app localizations in one interface. The ASO Tool also gives you data-driven and artificial intelligence-driven recommendations for improving ASO for each localization.

It’s the same with design: you don’t have to invent something completely new. Apple provides you with the foundation. You only need to integrate the built-in iOS accessibility into your app. 

Whichever development strategy you choose, Bountyhub will help you and your application feel comfortable in the App Store.

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