Backstory Telling Contest of Worldopo Universe

Hello guys!

Today we wanna invite you for the “Backstory Telling” Contest of Worldopo Universe and craft all of the interesting opinions about how our future will look like shortly.

Innovative technologies are executed into our daily lives annually and their evolution methods are steadily expediting. Just think about the fast growth process that the mobile phone industry went by. A few years ago, they were simply being used to make phone calls or send a text, and look at them now… they have changed to ‘smartphones’ that seem to be attributed to our hands. Comparable to the mobile phone industry, look at the internet, the financial systems, AI and the evolution they went into.

Technology is making great progress, for example, the implementation and developments in augmented reality, robotics, geolocation, and blockchain technology, which have been the topic of many media news stories and core technologies to many interesting products.

What does the future will look like?

With all of these developments, what can we expect in the future? 

Well, you might be surprised to know some of the things our developers and company are currently working on. Or you might not be surprised if you already playing the Worldopo game.

Today we want you to create the backstory version of Worldopo Universe from the angle you see it. Describe our game in all of its glory. Write down the greatest backstory of the time which will be the part of your history in the bright future.

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