Say “YES” to a Bountyhub Marketplace

Marketplaces that use blockchain and internal cryptocurrency are the logical next step in the development of commodity-money relations.

Working for Big Brother is becoming obsolete all over the world (if you don’t take mind about transnational corporations with headquarters located in Japan and the USA), more and more people are choosing to earn money through direct communication with customers or specialists. It allows individuals to resist globalization and become business experts themselves. Now there is a real war, which is won by individual platforms with various orders, rather than mono-offers or sites with blurry vacancies. But the real trend is orders that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies. Why is this the next step towards decentralization and our own independence? Let’s figure it out together based on the marketplace at

4 reasons to say “YES” to a cryptocurrency marketplace

1. Ability to select categories

2. Direct communication between customers and customers.

3. Efficiency of creating proposals and payment of orders.

4. Security and decentralization.

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Update – Bountyhub BETA 2.0
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