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Bountyhub Ecosystem

We develop a reliable platform where bounty hunters will be able to receive payment in tokens, coins, fiat or in any digital reward in exchange for completing bounty/marketing tasks for ICO/STO/IEO and startups.

With hundreds of new startups, this is already a very significant market. Our ultimate goal is to increase the efficiency of industries that would benefit from a decentralized workforce and bounty-oriented reward model.

The platform provides startups and any other projects run.

Bountyhub Ecosystem


Bountyhub (BHT) the reward token that brings blockchain mass adoption in marketing and social field. A TRC-10 utility token based on the TRON blockchain to foster faster speed on the world’s largest decentralized application.


BHT Functions

In the Bountyhub ecosystem, all expenses such as advertising fees, withdrawals, microtask placement and task boosting will be priced by BHT.

BHT Token will function as a natural trading medium for decentralized trading scenarios of digital assets and issued tokens based on the Ludos blockchain.

BHT Functions

BHT Bounty Hub Token Features

BHT tokens will receive turnover via:
BHT will be exchanged on platform-independent exchanges
External Reward Token
(like doge etc) will be integrated into other projects
The reward for security projects marketing campaigns
Reducing the cost of production reward, depending on the level
(airdrop, dividend, etc)
The reward for the
non-crypto projects
Points for promotion -
Boost for the tasks
Access to
private campaigns
Business (PRO)


The TRON network, with its highest user acceptance, affordability and performance, became the MainChain of game development.
User base
User base
TRON has more than 2.3 million registered addresses and more than 4.2 million daily transactions according to March 31, 2019.This makes it the fastest growing MainChain. It also you can use take the most simplified the process of creating a wallet.A large number of users to use and support it attracted the lower threshold for TRON. Thus, the TRON’s user base has great advantages.
TRX (TRON network-based cryptocurrency) has been launched on more than 100 exchanges around the world. The market value of the public chain tokens has remained at the top of the list, and the daily transaction volume is as high as 60 million US dollars. It is undoubtedly in a leading position in terms of user acceptance and liquidity.
Network Speed
Network Speed
TRON’s network peak can reach nearly 2000 TPS (number of transactions per second), and its performance will continue to improve as TRON’s technology advances.
Transfer fee
Transfer fee
TRON provides 5,000 bandwidths and energy per address free of charge per day, allowing about 25 free transactions. Users can get more bandwidth resources by freezing TRX. With the combined cost being negligible, it can be considered the public chain with the lowest transaction fees.
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Automated Bounty & Marketing Campaigns with real crowd


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