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Multi-faceted Blockchain Based Ecosystem

Serenity is a next-gen renewable energy retailer on blockchain looking to reduce energy bills, put control back on users’ hands and reduce carbon emission through multifaceted blockchain ecosystem. With a focus on the renewable energy sector, combined with the power of the blockchain the company aims to revolutionize the energy generation, monetization of carbon credits, developing Net-Zero estates and expand globally by affiliate licensing. Using blockchain to encourage and facilitate eco-friendly initiatives, Serenity will promote sustainable living, renewable energy production, and transactive energy grid retail services, changing the way that people view the challenges associated with a shift toward sustainable, renewable energy and products. The Serenity platform will be connected to national electricity operators, providing the balancing the demand and supply of electricity, responding at the substation level, and making possible a structural transition towards blockchain.

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About serenitysource

Rapid Building System® will be used as a “cornerstone” for building Carbon Negative, Net-Zero homes.

With integrated blockchain enabled gateway HEPEK, Serenity is giving homeowners tangible platform to produce a renewable energy surplus.

Such homes, regardless of location, will be part of the new emerging distributed network of sustainable dwellings producing electric energy and selling the surplus to other members of the network ecosystem.

Rapid Building System® is a holistic construction design which conforms set of Passive House design principles:

Thermal Insulation;

High Energy Performance Windows;

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery;


Thermal Bridge Free Construction;

Integrated PV roof panels.

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