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Navibration, a technology startup, is creating the navigation of the future: offline navigation through vibration and a whole ecosystem of audio tours from cities all over the world, built on blockchain technology. The initial development of the project was backed by the Government of Spain and the company has patented the navigation system by vibration. Navibration has a working MVP, available in both App Store and Google Play, with thousands of registered users. In future versions of the app, the token of the company, Navicoin, will play a fundamental role within the platform, becoming the center of the audio tours ecosystem and the Navibration sharing economy.

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About Navibration

Navibration is a startup that came into being when we decided to dedicate our time and energy to our passion. We started out like children with a great dream: to rethink and question everything. We liked the existing ways of moving around the world, but didn’t like that it was sometimes difficult to interpret a map or continually have to look at a device while en route. With this in mind, we looked for something creative; something new. What if someday we decided on the route ourselves? We wondered. And what if one day we needed to be able to feel to find our destination? And this day finally arrived, fulfilling the first of our dreams. Like children, our heads are full of them, and we are putting our heart and soul into making them come true.

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