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We operate a London-based job and business opportunity sharing platform which is accessible via our websites and mobile apps. Users can use the app to refer people to job or business service opportunities, and make money. Canlead comprises of a strong management team who is innovating and disrupting the traditional job and recruitment industry. Our job opportunity-sharing economy model is inspired by Uber ride-sharing and Airbnb accommodation-sharing. Canlead self-governed ecosystem is unique where everyone is incentivised to harmonise their community, to prevent bogus profiles, fake adverts and false payments. What Is CAND Token:- Canlead is introducing the CAND Token to the job and business OPPORTUNITY-SHARING economy, helping you refer people to opportunities and rewarding successful referrals. The CAND Token is a UTILITY token, people earn CAND by performing certain tasks in the network or they can buy CAND to get access to the opportunity they want from the Platform.

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About Canlead

Canlead Ltd headquartered in London, UK that operates an online job and recruitment platform which is accessible via its websites and mobile apps. Members can use the service to post opportunities such as a job or business service and make referrals to earn extra income. Canlead aims to be a decentralised opportunity sharing platform that creates trust between parties in the global economy.

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