AIVIA Airdrop


Transparent Investments in Crypto Portfolios

Unique Proposition: We are bringing professional financial instruments for Institutional Investors to engage the cryptocurrency market and allowing retail investors to participate in institutional level portfolios. Problem: • High entry barriers for retails Investors • Insufficient custodial services to protect parties against fraudulent activities • Lack of professional grade tools for Institutional trading activity in crypto market • Limited scalability due to lack of liquidity and slippage risks Solution: • Trading Terminal, Fix Protocol Services, Algo Trading • Investor’s Intuitive interface for portfolio acquisition • Custodian Layer Why is blockchain part of the solution? What unique primitive does Blockchain enable? Blockchain enables to fractionalize and transfer ownership of portfolio.

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AIVIA empowers investors everywhere to invest anywhere: finance any project deployed on the platform, create investment funds, create portfolio investments, transfer assets between

projects, and take advantage of multi-exchange trading.

Our platform provides real-time ratings of investment funds and organizations provides statistical profitability data and improves trust level. Investors can access projects' data rooms and communicate effectively with their organizers.

AIVIA provides the opportunity for multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading via our Trader Terminal, which supports trading on leading centralized and decentralized exchanges, managing a large number of accounts, placing many types of smart orders, and

allows for advanced automated trading and ensures trading strategies based on historical data.

The AIVIA use of Blockchain:

The AIVIA protocol is a smart contract framework within the Ethereum blockchain.

AIVIA protocol SDK facilitates development of a variety of systems for commercial collaboration and relationships of the parties.

Advanced tokenization technologies provide the opportunity to issue tokens or stable coins

pegged to the main fiat currencies, and will be valid on the Ethereum blockchain.

The AIVIA platform is a complete ecosystem of compatible financial organizations and

services that address the fundamental needs of investment projects and investors.

investors with many unique features.

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