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Release 2.0.2-beta

update notes

Bountihub will never be the same again! Meet the new, more powerful, advanced and automated marketing platform of the future.

Now we are ready to present you the result of our hard work!

So what’s new in Bountyhub Release 2.0.2-beta:

1. Audience targeting functions have been expanded for advertisers.

Now you can create a task for a specific language group, country.

For example. You want your task to be performed only by residents of Germany and everyone who knows German. No problem. Indicate this, when setting up targeting and your task is performed only by users with knowledge of the German language.

2. Added a new task-type that allows the user to participate multiple times.

Now you can perform some tasks on Bountihub several times.
For example. The task is to place a site link on a construction resource. You can take this task several times and post the link on different building resources!

3. Added referral monetization-widget for web page.

Widget on Bountyhub youtube channel

Start monetizing! Just add Bountyhub Widget to your webpage and start getting 5% profit from each user’s gain registered through the widget! Use the power of your traffic to raise income! 

▪ Control your audience’s interests and actions 
▪ Get insights using our analytics
▪ Monetize your traffic 
▪ Chose relevant tasks and campaigns
▪ Traffic monetizing solutions for any publisher’s segment! 

What you need to do?

1️. Place Bountyhub widget
2️. Widget anywhere on your site! 
3️. Chose the data you want to present! 
4️. Pick a preferred campaign for your audience!  
5️. Specify the number of tasks! 
6. Chose your style! – Dark / Light widget!

If suddenly you do not have a website – you can insert a link and get 5% through the link!
When your website is generating sufficient traffic, it’s time to monetize it! 

4. Added a new social network Tik Tok in profiles and tasks.

Earn even more and promote your brand on the most popular Tik Tok chain. 

You can buy:

TikTok Followers
TikTok Views 
TikTok Comments
TikTok Likes 
TikTok Reposts

Also, using our service you can promote your brand / profile / business in:
Social Media
App Promotion
Location And Maps

5. The functionality of the global referral system has been expanded.

Global referral – 1 percent to the master from each already completed referral task!

 6. No Tron Wallet is required to take a task. 

Withdraw tokens to any e-wallet that you have! No problem.

7. Personal profile balance has been implemented. Your earned tokens go to your personal balance and not to the Tron wallet. All funds that you had in your internal wallet will be transferred to your internal balance.

It just got easier! Register for free on our platform and start earning right away. Personal balance in one click!

8. Withdrawal from balance to the Tron wallet has been implemented. 

Put all your savings directly to your TRON wallet at any time! Any withdrawal amount = 1 trx

9. TronLink extension is not required to work with the platform and withdraw funds.

The rating of the TOP questions in the telegram group is unambiguously occupied: “How to bind a throne link?” “Where can I get a throne link?” “I have no throne link attached!” – EVERYTHING! STOP! We said goodbye to these problems and I think you will unambiguously agree with us and rejoice!

10. Changed balance replenishment methods when creating a campaign or task.

You can top up your internal bountihub balance in a convenient way and then pay for all services from the internal balance

11. Added a commission of 1 TRX when withdrawing funds (both, BHT and TRX) from the internal balance to your personal wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 TRX.

Also do not forget about community tasks – the ability for each user of the platform to create their own campaigns to increase activity in their own social networks.

Register on our website for FREE
Create your own company and publish tasks!

Thanks for your support

Your Bountyhub.io Team

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