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Do you want TRX, and you have old campaign tokens lying around that have already ended and have not been successful? We have a tasty offer for you: SelfieYo Campaign and SGT tokens. What to do with them? Oh, you will be delighted. A good idea for selfie lovers failed, but this is no reason to be upset: Bountyhub always pays debts, and the new-old token will be exchanged for TRX.

How to do it?

  1. Log in to Bountyhub using your account, which was active before the platform update.
  2. Complete any task and get confirmation
  3. In the profile balance tab, click “Swap”, which will automatically transfer your SGT tokens to TRX.

You can immediately freeze tokens and receive dividends every 24 hours.

Do you want this? What are you waiting for?

Have you just joined and have no old tokens? That’s okay: you can earn TRX and BHT in brand-new campaigns and become experienced bounty players right now without leaving your gadgets.

We have fantastic news that you will surely like: when registering on the platform, we create a TRX wallet for our users. All the rewards that our new bounty player will earn on Bountyhub will automatically drop into this wallet.

Need it? Swap it!

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