New day – new campaign: we climb to DeFi

New day – new campaign: we climb to DeFi

Do you know what DeFi is? Ooooh, you have no idea how much power there is in decentralized finance. And Bountyhub already knows. Have you heard about YFI? Yes, this is the project whose tokens have grown in price by 36,000%. Do you want the same profit? Then welcome to DeFi.

And we have something to offer you: a brand new Bountyhub campaign from the PRIVI Protocol platform. What is it? It is your opportunity to create your own DeFi token and use it to rule the cryptoworld (keep in mind YFI, which has become a trendsetter, although the creators did not find it useful at all).

What is the advantage of the PRIVI Protocol?

  • Individual tokens that you can create on the platform easily turn into a community token (if you negotiate with other community members, of course).
  • Through the platform, individual users can create and list their own tokens, distributing them to other crypto enthusiasts. Isn’t it cool?

Why does Bountyhub like this?

We made an audit of the PRIVI Protocol platform. We concluded that this project is potentially interesting for us to cooperate and for our users to generate profit. That is why we recommend you join the PRIVI campaign on our platform now.

Let the PRIVI campaign on Bountyhub begin!

Want to know more? Go to our platform and look for fresh tasks!

Oh, you don’t have the appropriate level? Well, you have to earn it, friends: at level 10, you don’t have to wait 9 hours to select a task but complete it instantly. How to do it? We’ll tell you in a minute. But for this, you need to try a little. Only shhhhhh. There are no tasty airdrops on the road, so go for it, and we will reward you.

Fresh swap: LTN to TRX
Fresh swap: RGT to TRX
Fresh swap: SPONS to TRX
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