How can you earn with Bountyhub? How to freeze and receive dividends?

Bountihub is a platform not only for business and promotion.


If you are a freelancer, mom on maternity leave, experienced blogger or newbie, student or retired – you can earn with us here!

If you are registered in at least one social network, you know what a like is and you can write a comment – you can earn with us here! But if you don’t know something, our support team is always ready to advise and help.

What is needed for this? How to become our member?


  • Earn TRX tokens by completing tasks and, if desired, exchange them for $. Plus, every day to receive additional dividends from savings.
  • Spend the accumulated TRX tokens to promote your company / business
  • Purchase ready-made packages of services in $ to promote your company / business

Our platform may be interesting not only for hard-core tokens and people who understand cryptocurrency, but also for those who don’t know what to do with tokens, but know what to do with dollars! :)

To do this, you need to earn TRX tokens on our platform by completing simple tasks, and then exchange them for dollars and transfer them to your bank card.

Also good news for PayPal account holders. From 2021, PayPal customers will be able to instantly convert their cryptocurrency into a traditional currency into a form that is already familiar to everyone (dollar, for example).

Technically, it will be possible to pay with cryptocurrency, and it will already be converted into dollars, which sellers will receive.

Well, let’s move from theory to practice.

What kind of tasks do we have? How to take tasks, execute them and earn money? What are dividends and how to get additional income from them? How to freeze and to receive them?

Step 1: Before starting to work with the platform, you must install the Google Chrome extension TronLink. 

Step 2: Create a Tron Wallet. How to create your Tron Wallet you can read here

Step 3: Once you’ve added and installed your Tron Link Wallet, you’re ready to get started and take the tasks!

Step 4: Carefully read the instructions for the tasks, the rules for completing the task! If the task is not completed correctly and the conditions are not met, your work will not pass moderation and you will have to do it all over again to get paid!

So, let’s take the task and proceed to its implementation!

Step 5: After positive moderation of your task, you receive a reward, which consists of TRX, which are immediately transferred to your installed wallet and BHT tokens.

Step 6: BHT is available for freezing and for further dividend payments to you! All payments of your dividends are made regularly in TRX to your wallet.

Don’t forget to freeze BHT to increase your dividends payout!

Still have questions ?! Our support team is ready to answer on them in our Telegram Support Channel

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