Growth of the DAPPT token of the Dapp company

Today we want to congratulate our partner company and friends from!

The price of the DAPPT token has increased 6x times during the last couple of days! Can you imagine that?

As well as that we want to congratulate our users… Yes Yes!

Back in the past, Bountyhub was one of the platforms to run’s campaign! Consequently, every user who participated in the #Dapp campaign gained DAPPT tokens as a reward for completing mini-tasks…

Right now they can exchange tokens with an updated exchange rate and get 6x times more profit than before!

So whats actual demand for the created tokens? What is the reason for its growth?

Remember! Popularity is the main value of cryptocurrencies!

The token needs to be actively promoted through the launch of powerful marketing campaigns, which include entering a crypto exchange. has launched a new dashboard for Binance Smart Chain.

The leading decentralized apps on BSC can be found in the Binance Dapp rankings using their new dashboard.

The new dashboard allows anyone to track up to 40 key in-chain metrics for each decentralized app, including DeFi Total Value Lock (TVL), Dex Protocol Trading Fees, Borrowing and Liquidation via Lending Protocols, and special events such as Activity Flashloan on AAVE etc.

Let’s wish and its DAPPT token growth and stability!

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