ERC-1155: What is it?

One Smart Contract for Billions of Tokens

While ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens required a new smart contract deployed for each new “class” of token, the core concept behind ERC-1155 is that a single smart contract can govern an infinite number of tokens.

Think of this like a vending machine that holds a wide variety of soda, juices, or even snacks. A customer interacts with the system using an unmarried steady interface (inserting a coin, pressing a button), and the machine dispenses the goodies they’ve selected. In the same way, an ERC-1155 settlement made for a game could comprise a wide sort of items, from weapons and armor to health potions, magic scrolls, and more.

Each of these objects may want to be “fungible,” having a couple of reproduction available. Fungible tokens are used for divisible currencies (most ERC-20 tokens), and they’re additionally very useful for stackable objects that don’t need to be differentiated, like a package of arrows for a bow.

One-of-a-kind tokens are known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This structure allows each token to have its own particular parameters, history, and mirrors the real world. A pet dragon in a video game could be an NFT and have a unique call of its own, a power level, and a rich records inside the game.

Batch Transfers

With ERC-1155, multiple tokens can be despatched in a unmarried transaction—offering enormous financial savings on gas charges and stopping the need to wait for every block in single transfers.

Projects using ERC-1155 can also build Atomic Swaps with the same primary design, allowing customers to exchange one sort of token for another with absolute safety from fraud and no intermediate birthday celebration involved.

Data Economy

The main feature of the ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard is more than one token instantiated in a single smart agreement. This manner that “developing” a new token type may be as easy as calling a function that adds a brand-new ID to the pool of tokens available.

In comparison, creating a new token type with the ERC-20 and 721 requirements way editing code and deploying an entirely new agreement to a deal with on the Ethereum blockchain. Deploying a agreement expenses a large quantity of gasoline (ETH) because information storage is naturally costly on a blockchain shared via the world. Most ERC-20 contracts are based on the exact identical code, with a couple of strains edited, making the rest of the code unnecessary. That method each single one in all Ethereum’s 25,000+ nodes becomes cluttered with redundant code on the way to remain there for eternity!

There’s also the operational overhead of wanting to be notified of every new ERC-20 or ERC-721 contract deal with on every occasion a brand-new token is launched. One hundred new tokens could imply one hundred new contracts to watch—for each pocket and every piece of software that have to be made aware about the token even existing.

Therefore, at the same time as the preceding two requirements are excellent for slim use cases—both an unmarried foreign money or an unmarried elegance of NFT—the big majority of creators will advantage from ERC-1155’s ability to create new tokens on the fly and represent greater than a single “type” without the duplication of identical contracts.

Strict Rules Make Tokens Reliable

An exceptional feature of the ERC-1155 token standard is made possible via the strict set of guidelines a token should follow.

ERC-1155 tokens are the first form of token that could execute a deterministic smart agreement function through surely sending a token to a deal with.

By honestly sending a token to a DEX alternate address, the trade could immediately return some other token back to the sender’s cope with. Similarly, a blockchain recreation could carry out a sport characteristic as quickly as it gets an ERC-1155 token from a user. Tokens will be wrapped, converted, crafted with no want to get entry to ABIs or have interaction with the smart contract directly.

This type of functionality turned into to begin with proposed in ERC-223, but the well-known did not seize on. ERC-721 additionally implemented “SafeTransferFrom” however has the fatal trouble of not strictly requiring this for all transfers, which means that users can permanently lose their tokens and agreement authors can not rely upon guaranteed execution while sending a token.

The choice to make this strict in ERC-1155 manner that reliable networks of clever contracts and tokens can now start to build upon this powerful capability. All the user wishes to do is send their token to a cope with to trigger an incredible chain of occasions.

ID Substitution

By the use of the substitution string “id,” an ERC-1155 settlement can now point to an endless number of token URIs without storing any additional facts on-chain. This may even be used to factor to an internet service that hosts dynamically generated token JSON for every token in a database. The id string also can be used in the JSON itself to mechanically hyperlink to imagery for each token. This considerably reduces the overhead it’s required for developers to show metadata for big collections of tokens.


Since token statistics is described in JSON format, localization is now feasible for a couple of languages the use of locale. Wallets and software that supports more than one language can show alternate variations of token names, images, and any other information.

Guaranteed Log Trace

As the Ethereum surroundings keeps growing, many dapps are counting on conventional databases and explorer API offerings to retrieve and categorize statistics. The ERC-1155 well-known ensures that event logs emitted by the clever settlement will offer sufficient information to create an accurate record of all modern-day token balances. A database or explorer may pay attention to activities and be capable of offer indexed and categorized searches of each ERC-1155 token within the contract.

Smart contracts no longer want to hold indexes of each token ID, and IDs don’t need to be sequential in any way.

This is an intensive departure from enumeration (the potential to browse through all tokens on-chain), however it brings a good sized gain in performance and even lets in for a whole standardized document of each token mint, burn, and switch. This has no longer been feasible in a standardized way until nowadays and will permit cool environment benefits like deep records analytics on tokens and wealthy token explorers.

Imagine being able to rewind and fast-forward through time and analyze usage styles and existence cycles of absolutely one-of-a-kind ERC-1155 tokens, irrespective of which smart contract is being analyzed.

Token owners will be able to learn greater about their property, such as exactly whilst their unique token was minted, and in the future, tools may be developed which might provide beneficial insights for companies constructing on this technology.

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