Bountyhub: the art and science of Marketing with Power of Crowd Intelligence!

Bountyhub helps businesses master the art and science of digital marketing with crowd intelligence!

We know what it’s like to have ambitious business goals. That’s why we support thousands of marketers across every aspect of their marketing strategy.

Get an all-in-one, powerful, and easy-to-use marketing platform based on crowd intelligence and modern technologies.

So what is the Power of Crowd Intelligence?

It is all about increasing public awareness. It might sound easy, but when it comes to working, you need to be careful. Before that, let us respond to the question, “Who is a Bountist?”

A person who is well known in a particular niche and who is not having any duty for the product is called a Bountist.

The Bountists are usually influential people on various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and even forums.

So, the process of promoting your product on our platform, with the help of crowd intelligence, revolves around getting your product tested and reviewed by these people to put you directly in front of the user base that might be interested in your product. That is where the importance of influencer marketing twists.

What can you reach on Bountyhub?

  • Increase Visibility — Spread your product across any social media channel or forum!
  • Increase Installs — Have an app? Sure we have got it covered too! On Bountyhub, you pay only for new installs with the lowest CPI!
  • Increase conversion rates — Maximize every cent of your budget, find that sweet spot that convinces the maximum percentage of your prospects to take action.
  • Increase retention — Did you know? If you increase your retention rates by only 5%, you can increase your revenue anywhere between 25% and 95%.
  • Increase engagement — Boost engagement and get this virtual party bumpin’ most easily!
  • Increase user acquisition — Bring new customers to your business. Create a systematic, sustainable acquisition strategy that can evolve with recent trends and changes.

One place, unlimited potential

Automate and manage all your marketing tasks and campaigns from one place with easy-to-use tools and fantastic features.


Customize the way you control and analyze all your marketing activities.

Stay on top of your game

Get in-depth insights and thorough analytics to check how well you are doing on your social media channels. Monitor your performance across all your metrics and KPIs, check the latest conversations, and discover new customers through interests and geo-search.

Monitor everything from one place

Track your activities across different tools and channels. Check your website’s performance, social media profiles, email marketing campaigns, telegram channels using our bot and referral system, automation, landing pages, and leads. You can also connect all your Appsflyer accounts to have a complete rundown of your KPIs and results.

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