Bountyhub Prediction Contest – 100 TRX

WIN 100 TRX 🚀 Bountyhub Prediction Contest – 100 TRX PRICE

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Also known as Summit Victory! Join our Contest Today and Win 100 TRX!

Have you already noticed the rise in TRX prices?

If not, check it out:

We want to play fortune-telling with each of you. Predict TRX price by Friday (12/25/2020)! The most accurate price prediction will require a reward of 100 TRX, which you can convert directly to fiat money or use TRX to promote your product or personal SM account using our unique Bountyhub advertising ecosystem.

How to win 100 TRX?

1. Follow Bountyhub on Twitter

2. Retweet the contest post on your Twitter profile

3. Compose a message with your forecast: Tweet on Twitter with the following requirements

Start your tweet with #bountyhubpredictioncontest100trx #myprediction

Check with @yourfriend’s 100 TRX (5 digits after the decimal point 0,02828 * 100 TRX = 2,828) and ask a friend for his thoughts and assumptions.

Mention @bountyhub_io in your tweet


#bountyhubpredictioncontest100trx #myprediction: $ 2,828 for 100 TRX next Friday! @Yulia What do you think? What will be the price of the next 100 TRX on Friday? @Bountyhub_io Join #bountyhubcontest!

Find TRX pricing information and try to predict the updated price of 100 TRX for Friday at 9:00 am (12/25/2020)


⚠️ The winner of the competition will be announced on Friday at 9:00 am (12/25/2020) on Twitter. From all the posts, we will choose the most accurate forecast that will meet our requirements.

We will check the TRX price on Friday at 09:00 on the website

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