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Stack ’em, pack’ em, and rack ’em: Bountyhub ecosystem and its features

Bountyhub is an ecosystem that brings together many useful services. They help a business grow, successfully increase revenue, and simplify user interaction with business ideas and implementation. Some of the company’s developments are also suitable for personal use. They are appreciated by those who follow modern solutions that make life easier. How did the Bountyhub project manage to become one of the trendsetters in business and individual users’ solutions? Let’s tell you now.

Bountyhub Ecosystem for Business

Bountyhub is a service for providing an innovative approach to promoting any business that has its own space in the web ecosystem. The team has created optimal conditions for partners and customers to find a suitable solution for corporate problems quickly. A wide range of channels and resources for promotion was developed and flexible, customizable functionality that allows you to get the desired result in a short time and with minimal investment.

Bountyhub management conducted an audit and decided to revise the platform’s policy and completely reorganize its work, expanding the functionality and tools. Our goal is to make any promotion and interaction activity equally simple, fair, and convenient for all parties (both the user and the customer).

As part of the entire ecosystem’s strategic renewal, Bountyhub has become even more precise and closer to the end-user. We have identified several focus groups from active users of different categories. Based on the research results, a new adaptive design and categories of services provided by Bountyhub were formed.

To make the user experience as comfortable as possible and allow each user to feel confident on our platform, we have researched all industry trends and innovations to integrate them into the ecosystem and platform organically. Many successful crypto and non-crypto campaigns helped us decide to distribute all tokens to active airdrops and switch to a fundamentally new work model that will allow us to create an innovative platform for promoting business and monetizing being on the internet.

Here’s what has been done to make Bountyhub better for you, completely solving all your difficulties in online business and income.

Solutions to global business problems

Solutions for business and individuals have been added – a completely revised system of building tasks allows you to successfully perform any tasks and achieve all personal use goals and corporate needs.

The list of products provided has also expanded to include all the most significant channels and resources through which you can promote personal and corporate brands.

Deep dive into social media

Significantly expanding the list of social networks to promote personal/corporate brands and monetize your Internet stay. We have also prepared unique business promotion services on TripAdvisor, App Store, Google Maps, and other services due to our algorithm for creating and administering content on third-party platforms.

Pack offers for every need

The promotion of business proposals and personal brands within the framework of cooperation at all stages: from developing a promotion concept to its full implementation and post-cooperation.

Unprecedented security in working with airdrops and cryptocurrencies

Updated format for selecting airdrops according to their relevance and relevance allows our customers to choose only safe market offers.

We are switching to TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency as the main currency of the platform. There are also BHT, bonus tokens that can be frozen in the dividend pool at interest. To get into the dividend pool list, you must put at least 80% of your own BHT into it. The user’s income from staking will come from commissions within the system and paid in TRX.

Complete reorganization of work with airdrop and bounty programs – only actual tasks with payment in TRX. It allows Bountyhub to monitor the quality of service for both partners and users.

Artificial intelligence at the service of business

Working with Big Data in artificial intelligence with the possibility of deepening machine learning in audio/video/photo directions for industrial use.

Customization as the basis of interaction

Users and business owners can create tasks, which will allow the platform to act as a processing operator and intermediary, guaranteeing quality tasks, and guaranteed rewards. We have also developed convenient functionality and a new, intuitive design with simple navigation that even an untrained user can understand.

We are glad that every day Bountyhub is improving and becoming an increasingly versatile tool, which will be enough for a complete immersion in the world of comprehensively beneficial development on the internet. It is the main goal of Bountyhub.

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