Bountyhub 2.0- exchange BHTx for TRX

Bountyhub appreciates all bountists, so we decided to do what you were waiting for: now, BHTx tokens can be exchanged for TRX with magnificent bonuses. How to do it?

BHT for TRX? You’ll get it!

We have completely revised the functionality of the rewards, but this does not mean that holders of the old version of BHTx: they can exchange their tokens for TRX. How to do it?

  1. Log in to Bountyhub using your account, which was active before the platform update.
  1. Complete any task and get confirmation
  1. In the profile balance tab, click “Swap”, which will automatically transfer your BHTx tokens to TRX.

Additionally, you will get 0.02 BHT for every TRX you earned. You can immediately freeze tokens and receive dividends every 24 hours.

Please note that to use the TronLink wallet, which is ideal for storing TRX and BHT, you need to install an extension for Google Chrome.

We will gradually transfer all tokens that remained unpaid on the Bountyhub platform to TRX. You will not only return missed opportunities but also make money on new ones.

Freeze your BHT and earn TRX every day!

Join our Support channel for help if you have issues or questions.

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Fresh swap: RGT to TRX
Fresh swap: SPONS to TRX
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