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One of the key goals of any marketing strategy is to ensure maximum product/service promotion. In this way, many people learn about the company, get acquainted with its products. This helps to boost verbal advertising and increase sales. From the very beginning of the digital age, much attention has been paid to advertising on social networks. Bonus programs are usually an integral part of any digital marketing and advertising strategy. Bountyhub.io invites you to figure it out together.

What is a bounty program?

In the digital world, bonus programs (Bounty programs) originate from online gaming platforms that offer users rewards for participating in the development. Bonuses act as a stimulating mechanism. A company promoting a product or service pays consumers a fee for performing certain tasks. In a sense, this is like a barter exchange: the company pays a fee, and its recipient performs simple tasks in return.

For many business representatives, this is a key tool for advertising and promotion. In the cryptocurrency space, bonuses are an important component of any ICO campaign. Many startups embed the bonus program in their promotion strategy. The remuneration is paid for performing various marketing activities, testing software, finding bugs, or even for advice on improving the structure of the project. Bonuses usually take the form of tokens or (much less often than ordinary money).

Cryptocurrency space turned out to be a fertile environment for various bonus programs. This is due to the abundance of opportunities for startups and people.

Bounty Program Structure

In the case of cryptocurrency ICO campaigns, bonus programs are traditionally held before or after placement. Bounty programs are not held during the ICO. Bounty programs before the ICO Usually they are arranged to increase public awareness and present the project on social networks. Their goal is to draw attention to the startup and make people talk about it. Informal advertising channels are often used to enter the market. Participants perform various tasks, familiarizing their environment with future cryptocurrency.

The list of events within the framework of bonus programs on the eve of the ICO usually includes:

  • Shares in social networks Include actions to promote ICO in social networks. The reward of each user depends on the popularity of his publications. It is estimated by the number of retweets, likes, views, and comments. Typically, these campaigns are conducted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and other social platforms.
  • Article writing This program is intended for blog authors with a large number of readers. Bloggers get bonuses for publishing articles about ICOs. As in the case of social networks, the size of the reward depends on the popularity of the materials and the number of comments.
  • Bonuses for links in Bitcointalk signatures A popular program for many startups, open to Bitcointalk forum participants. The project team issues a signature with a link embedded in it. The reward depends on the number of clicks on the link. In most cases, members of the forum with Member status and higher can participate in bonus programs.

Bounty programs after the ICO At this stage, the main task of the developers is to develop and improve the project, taking into account the proposals of the community. Bonus programs after the ICO are aimed at interacting with project enthusiasts.

The most common types are:

1. Translation into other languages

This program includes the translation of all documents related to the project into foreign languages ​​and the moderation of groups in the forums. It is ideal for speakers of foreign languages. Usually, their task is to translate the project site, White Paper and a specialized thread on the Bitcointalk forum.

2. Error reporting

This campaign not only attracts new members but also helps developers. A correctly written error report clearly and concisely identifies a problem with the software or platform.

It is important to note that there is no strict rule governing the conduct of bonus campaigns. Startups can implement any of the above activities both before the ICO and after. As a rule, part of the tokens is allocated to bonus programs. Details about the size of the bonus fund can be found on the project website, in White Paper or the corresponding thread on the Bitcointalk forum.

How to become a member of the Bounty program

Bounty programs on the cryptocurrency market are a great way to participate in the development of the industry and earn tokens. If desired, they can be exchanged for ordinary money. Most of the tasks are accessible to all and do not require special technical knowledge. One of the easiest ways to stay up to date is to register on the Bitcointalk and Cryptocointalk forums. They list almost all the available bonus programs. When choosing a Bounty program, you need to evaluate several factors: Reliability of a startup. As you know, in the world of cryptocurrencies there are a lot of scammers, so carefully study all available information about the project. How specific and correct are the tasks? Be sure to understand what is required of you so as not to encounter surprises. Are you ready to perform tasks? If you take on the task, then be sure that you will do it well. How many Bounty program participants are registered. More often than not, the more participants, the smaller the share of each.

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