BKU to TRX. We continue to SWAP!

Great news from Bountyhub. We continue to SWAP!


The main value of the Bountinub platform is the team!

So…What do we offer?

  • For performers – TRX payment for each completed task
  • For business – promoting your campaign with all kinds of tools with a real crowd
  • For EVERYONE – the exchange of old tokens for new TRX, which are rapidly growing following Bitcoin. The Tron (TRX) blockchain network has reached an all-time high in terms of daily active wallets, up 75% over the previous month.

From theory to practice! How can you change BKU -> TRX

Use your account, which was active before the platform update, and log in to BountyHub.

Select and complete any task. Get a response from the moderator.

In the profile on the balance page, click “SWAP”, as a result of which your BKU tokens will be automatically transferred to TRX.

Important! You can freeze tokens immediately and receive dividends every 24 hours.

If you are a beginner, you have no old tokens and you haven’t earned new ones yet, it doesn’t matter! Bounty Hub is giving you this opportunity right now.

Don’t waste your time and follow our instructions.

  1. Register and create a new account.
  2. Install the TronLink extension for Google Chrome.
  3. Create a Tron wallet.
  4. Once you’ve added and installed your Tron Link wallet, you’re ready to get started!
  5. After positive moderation of your task, you receive a reward in the form of TRX, which are immediately transferred to your installed wallet and BHT tokens.
  6. BHT is available for freeze and further dividend payments every day! All payments of your dividends are made daily in TRX to your wallet.

You can see detailed description with links and examples here (Press the button)

And of course – you can exchange all your TRX tokens into dollars

Follow us and don’t miss the opportunity to earn!
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