Bitcoin 23,000 dollars!

Shock content in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been dropping both down and up in 2020, but we haven’t seen such a rise since January 2018. What could have influenced such a crazy leap: political events, media influence, regulatory changes adopted by the government? In any case, there is demand – there will be supply!

Meanwhile, analysts have recently been encouraging companies like PayPal and Facebook to move into the cryptocurrency world.

PayPal announced that its customers will now be able to buy and sell digital assets such as bitcoin and ether through their digital wallet and, as a result, use them for purchases.

At this time, Facebook is developing its digital currency, Libra, which is based in a consortium in Switzerland.

The news around the cryptocurrency is raging serious and the regulators are watching this closely.

Officials continue to worry most of all, because the bitcoin network does not yet require a central authority to maintain it.

Generally, while everyone is resting, Bitcoin is updating his highs.

The TRX token which we use on our platform is also growing.

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23,000 $ is not the limit!

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