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What is an Airdrop!

Airdrops listing Crypto Airdrops listing with bonus crypto tokens that projects distribute among those community members who actively support the project or are registered on specific platforms and web pages to claim rewards and earn money from home, such as Exchange platforms users, EOS, etc. By giving away reward in cryptocurrency of a crypto project, you create possibilities for the community to spread the information about your project and help you grow your audience. To claim reward from airdrop or giveaway, Bountist has to take action to a certain post around your project on the social media accounts and other channels like Telegram, with the requirement of not to delete the post up for a specified period, to follow the project and to provide a legit crypto wallet address to distribute the token in the future.

To be sure that your users will learn core ideas about your project while earning money online you will have to add specific conditions into your giveaway promotion plan, like making your subscribers investigate your whitepaper and after fill the survey and answer the questions. Of course, give specific reward which users will claim as a profit.

Airdrops listing solution is a very efficient way to increase awareness of your crypto project and create correct social signals around your project. To succeed in the Airdrop campaign, you need to develop a reliable society around your project and engage with your community!

Types of Airdrops and giveaways!

Holder Airdrops
in such airdrops cryptocurrency is sent directly to every active waller that holds a specific crypto token.

Example: TRX, BHT, Bitcoin, Etherium, or any other token from listed airdrops that Boutists claim as a reward. This way you can increase your token distribution and security specifications.

Social Media Airdrops
Publishing such airdrops frequently necessitates some effort, like joining the waitlists, creating conversations on specific social media platforms, following the project on every channel, liking, tweeting, commenting, reposting in stories, and joining a telegram group in exchange, users that joined airdrops can claim rewards and raise their online profit.

Regular Airdrops
When you list such airdrops you can create different types of tasks that require the user to fill the survey and actively sign up for the campaign to claim the reward. In such airdrops, you may ask for the user’s name, email, blockchain wallet in exchange for profitable giveaway rewards.

Hard-fork Airdrops
During hard fork airdrops, you can split your token into two separate currencies, and give the possibility to claim reward accordingly on which protocol users follow and which token they would like to claim as a reward.

Exclusive Airdrops
Such airdrops are reserved for a particular audience or specific users to express recognition and encourage or reward user’s loyalty.

We have an ingenious idea to give away free Airdrops listing space to create buzz around your crypto project and let our community claim rewards from various species of airdrops.

Now let’s figure out how you can begin your airdrop or giveaway promotion!

Since the idea of the crypto airdrops listing process took place back in 2017, we can clearly see how ICO’s, IEO’s, Exchange platforms, and DAPPs using airdrop solutions as effective marketing promoting tool. That’s just an ideal component for the Bountyhub ecosystem where users claim TRX as a reward for completing specific tasks and as a bonus they can claim reward from various airdrops that are published on our platform since a big part of our community is focused on earning money online, what motivates them to join different airdrops and claim reward for extra income!

How to claim reward from airdrop?

Find AirdropThe claim process depends on Airdrops itself. Many projects drop cryptocurrency coins, during airdrop advertisement, automatically into the community wallets. Snapshot-based projects let users claim reward only if they hold the required crypto token during the snapshot, that is the record of token-holders taken at s specific period.

Our large assortment! (Action)

Join & Claim your reward now!

To join Bountyhub airdrops & claim the reward, you need active accounts on social media sites and Telegram. You should also have a forum and DApps account, as some airdrops require participants to provide proof in the forum threads or leave a review on DApps. Most airdrops will require you to register on Telegram bot or join the group, to like or share posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. After completing the Airdrop requirements you claim a reward! Make sure that your crypto wallet is set up to be able to claim reward from different airdrops and easily earn money online!

List your FREE airdrop in front of the exact audience!

List Your Airdrop

Social Airdrop Solution

STEP – 1: Let’s start with creating social signals!

Be careful who you chose to create, list, publish and promote your Airdrop. Since you start to generate brand awareness you should also think about creating brand authority which you won’t be able to reach in case you’re promoting Airdrops in risky channels or your Airdrops are created on an unfamiliar platform or users cant claim reward easily.

List Airdrop on Bountyhub and don’t be a victim of fake airdrop listings.

Our platform has perfect Telegram channels with integrated Bot to prevent your Airdrop promotion from bot accounts and low-quality traffic, where you can promote your Crypto project and run different airdrops and giveaways! Moreover, our users can claim airdrop reward directly from Telegram Bot without transferring to the platform itself.

Let's make some noise with your first Airdrop!

Prepare for traffic

Free AirdropsSTEP – 2: Get ready for the increased traffic with FREE Airdrops!

To get the highest results from your Giveaway Campaign or Airdrops make sure that every part of your project is perfect! You need to be ready for the increased traffic of crypto enthusiasts that are in search of easy income from home, claim free rewards and crypto tokens! Bountyhub provides an improved Telegram Bot for the telegram channel to verify every move and action of the incoming airdrops traffic but that’s only part of the whole Airdrop composition. You have to adjust your servers, improve your platform’s website and it’s loading speed, and run every single technical test to be sure that your project is ready for the Airdrop!

Your society can be quickly gathered with Bountyhub airdrops listing, but make sure that you are prepared to adequately engage with the new community and don’t let them lose interest in your project after the airdrop campaign!

Start Airdrop Promotion for FREE!

Exclusive AirdropsSTEP – The last but not the least step! 

Our platform has a simplified giveaway publishing process. You can list airdrop within a few minutes and let our community claim reward and earn money from home while promoting your business.

  • Think about the social signals you want to create!
  • Pick accurate KPI’s!
  • Create your Airdrop & Giveaway Promotion Strategy!
  • Focus on your steps
  • Let your community claim reward for promoting!

Publish Airdrop in just a few minutes!

The giveaway was never so quick and simple with perfect results!

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