Ten Billion Airdrop


About Ten Billion Coin

It is the blockchain coin for which we are onboarding Chinese companies into blockchain integration for their systems. The companies using our blockchain integration services are required to pay 20% of their fees via our coin.

Join the Ten Billion Coin Airdrop now and earn 1,000 free YBY tokens with an estimated value of $5 USD.

Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free YBY tokens.

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Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start Ten Billion Coin Telegram Bot
  2. Join Ten Billion Coin Telegram group
  3. Follow Twitter + Retweet tweet
  4. Like Facebook + Share post (optional)
  5. Like Instagram + Share post (optional)
  6. Submit ETH wallet address
  7. Join Airdrop Guru’s Telegram group(optional)
  8. Receive 1000 YBY* ~ $5

*500 YBY for every referral

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