SocialChains Airdrop


SocialChains is a global social economy platform that puts users first and center.

SocialChains is a decentralized social media platform of verified users that puts an end to the massive fakes which exist in the current social networks. The platform respects and awards users for their time by offering tokens, points and a share in platform profits based on the level of user activity. The tokens and points are interchangeable with crypto or fiat currencies. The principal goal of Social Chains is to have a decentralized data of verified and trustful connections. The process includes verification of email, phone, physical address, and a government-issued photo ID. Verification is vital as it enables users to participate in public forums, contribute to posts, add contacts, and add public feeds. The platform of verified users is like a safe neighborhood. The community will own 54 percent of the issued tokens which provides users a say in the platform.

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Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Start chat with SocialChains
  2. Complete the human verification.
  3. Join SocialChains Telegram group. (Mandatory, +1,000 S)
  4. Register on SocialChains website. (Mandatory, +2,000 S)
  5. Verify your mail and mobile number.
  6. Complete your Profile details on the website. (+3,000 S, Optional)
  7. Follow SocialChains on Twitter. (+1,000 S, Optional)
  8. Like SocialChains Facebook page. (+1,000 S, Optional)
  9. You will receive up to 8,000 S tokens for completing all tasks.
  10. You can earn an additional 3,000 S tokens for every referral.
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