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OZOTOP ecosystem TON-based project

OZOTOP is the decentralized experts community and self-regulating society model with robonomic ecosystem. It will be based on Telegram Open Network Blockchain and supported with smart-contracts, bots, algorithms. The start of project is Waves Blockchain.

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About Airdrop

GET 160 OZO = 50 USD


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  4. Complete Social Media Task
  5. Submit Waves Address

Note: You must like, comment & share post on OZOTOP social media account to receive reward

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We called our ecosystem OZOTOP. This is the robotic decentralized society based on the TON blockchain. It's a community of experts regulated by bots (scripts, robots, algorithms)

OZOTOP's MVP will include:

  • voting system * escrow-service
  • dispute resolution system
  • rating system
  • development of each user professionalism stimulation system
  • designer for creating new smart-contracts with a further presentation of the proposed interaction format for general discussion and voting
  • Telegram-bots store for different interactions between users

Members of our society will interact with the aid of robots and make payments between each other with OZO coin.

In our society model a certain robot manager is assigned to each expert. Robots do not sleep, because they do not need it. They do not get tired and go on working 24/7. These robots are not rude, because they are programmed for positive, efficiency, result!

Some robots will tell you what information you need to provide to get the service quickly. Others will calculate the cost and send you an invoice for payment. Some will convert your form of payment into the one that is convenient for the expert you have applied to. Another robot will act as a guarantor of safe transaction for all parties. Robots fulfill many other functions in our society, too. We will increase the number of robots and their functionality in our society. The number of experts and ordinary users will grow, too!

In our society people will fulfill the functions that require non-standard solutions, intuition, creativity and professionalism. However, the routine work will be automated and robots will be involved. This will provide people with free time they can spend for their self-development and improvement of the society.

Data processing centers are located on external servers. The interfaces (a user component) of robots for servicing our society are built right into the Telegram messenger. Telegram has a function of implementing their developments in the messenger.

It is well-known that in 2019, Telegram is launching its own TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain and Gram, its own cryptocurrency.

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