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About Littradex

Littradex is the next exchange platform in the world. Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Peer to peer funding, Portfolio Management, and Advanced Reporting.

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  1. Start chat with Littradex Airdrop Bot.
  2. Join Littradex Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. (+50 LTE, Mandatory)
  3. Follow Littradex on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet. (+15 LTE, Mandatory)
  4. Invite your 3 friends to their Telegram Group by using add member feature. (+10 LTE, Optional)
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  7. Similarly, complete other optional tasks and earn extra 30 LTE tokens.
  8. Submit your details to the airdrop bot.
  9. You will get up to 125 LTE ($43.75) tokens.
  10. Also earn 20 LTE ($7) for every referral.
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Littradex is the decentralized exchange of the Future. It guarantees the highest possible security, Littradex will supports not only all Ethereum based tokens, but using the concept for the cross-blockchain features, Littradex will allow you to trade any tokens regardless of their native underlining blockchain making it easier for you, the user, to thrive in the crypto landscape.

Littradex will become an currency-neutral exchange, meaning it’s architectural type will allow a connectivity between different native cryptocurrencies, users not having to limit themselves to a specific currency system.

Littradex will be guaranteed to provide users with not only the best trading platform in the wolrd but the potential to access the global market and Littradex committed to becoming the world's top 10 exchange

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