Total supply: 2000000000 KUV
Max Participants: 200000
Token Code: KUV
Token Price: 0.0008
Platform: ERC20

Kuverit Airdrop


About Kuverit

Kuverit is hosting a referral competition in which participants can earn +100 KUV ($0.80) for every valid referral. As well as this, there are additional bonuses being rewarded for reaching within the top 10 of the leaderboards with the highest amount being 1.25M KUV ($10,000) and lowest 125,000 KUV ($1,000). The process to participate is straight forward, and all the information is located in the instructions above. We highly recommend everyone to consider joining this, Kuverit has progressed significantly in terms of their organizational structure, their new website outlining the benefits of Kuverit and what the KUV tokens hope to achieve, and we really feel this is simply the start of their journey to success.


  1. Start the Kuverit Competition Telegram Bot
  2. Pass the Captcha
  3. Join Kuverit on Telegram (Group)
  4. Submit your Email and ETH Address
  5. Share your referral link and you will receive 100 KUV for every valid referral.
  6. You can track your referral via the dashboard on the bot. If you manage to reach within the top 10 of the leaderboards, you can receive an additional bonus of 1.25M - 125,000 KUV
  7. If you are in the top 10 leaderboards, you can receive from 1.25M KUV ($10,000) - 125,000 KUV ($1,000) as a bonus on top of the people you refer.

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