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In the history of investing or speculation, there has been no asset with a higher degree of volatility than Bitcoin. What started out as a simple idea written on a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto has become a global phenomenon for investors from all walks of life. Even at today’s price of $8000, Bitcoin has registered a gain of 266,666,566% from its low price of $.003 in March 2010. While many have gotten rich off Bitcoin and many others have left a fortune on the table by getting out too early, others have simply stayed on the sidelines due to Bitcoin’s price volatility. Since January 2012, Bitcoin has crashed over 50% on five separate occasions. These extreme moves and the lack of a hedging instrument have made many mere spectators. While we won’t say the volatility will calm down, there is at least now finally a hedge for Bitcoin’s volatility. The solution is ODUWA COIN.

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