Token Code: AST
Token Price: 0.01
Platform: Stellar

Assetstream Airdrop


The Global Decentralized Peer To Peer Microfinance Platform

AssetStream’s vision is to create a sustainable microfinance platform based on blockchain technology. Inspired by the “International Year of Microcredit” dedicated by the U.N. back in 2005 and Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with the Grameen Bank in 2006 “for their efforts through microcredit to create economic and social development from below”. The AssetStream initiative was established to create a sustainable microfinance platform to enable growth and advocate poverty reduction of the unbanked population while providing an alternative, high-yield, peer-to-peer microfinance platform for everyone. Peer to Peer lending brings the “bank” to your doorstep.

Receive 8000 AST Tokens ($100)

Step by step instructions:

  1. Register on the Assetstream platform
  2. Update your profile and make your KYC (easy = approve in 15 min)
  3. Create your wallet in the Wallet option (save your private keys)
  4. Click on the top to claim 8000 AST
  5. Then click on "Invest Project"
  6. Then click on 7 days to invest and fill in the maximum amount for investments and send


The current platform income ranges from 0.75 to 4% a month in AST, invite friends to win more and more for free or make your own investments.

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